How to Make Any Mob Upside Down!





Introduction: How to Make Any Mob Upside Down!

In this short instructable, I will show you how to make any mob in minecraft upside down!

Step 1: Upside Down Mobs!

All you have to do is type "Dinnerbone" on a Name Tag. Then right click on any mob you want upside down. This works on all mobs except the Ender Dragon. And, when you name a mob, it will never despawn! Yay!

Mr. Sheepington will live forever!



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    you think this is cool? try naming sheep jeb_!

    Both are cool. Both easter eggs. :-). Easter eggs are cool tricks if you don't know.

    You know you cant use this on blaze. Just figured that out. Thought I'd tell everyone else.

    You can also use grumm

    Pretty Cool. The minecraft team member "dinnerbone" is upside down. So that's why the made all mobs (wen named dinnerbone) upside down. I should try that sometime!

    Minecraft not isomecraft

    You need a anvil. Just put the name tag in the 1 little pit and then up top you can see a pit when you say your name...... If that makes any sence. If it helps.LOL if you want as well you can see my big minecraft grass block and cake and something else headphone I thing it isomecraft ones hope this helps a little ..

    Not sure how to type on a name tag.