Introduction: How to Make Beautiful Selfies ?

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Step 1: Material .!.

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Take your iPhone,
Take your EarPods or earphones,
Take your charger / glasses / two forks with an elastic band or a tripod.

Step 2: Explanation .!.

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Put your earphones in iPhone,
Take pictures when you press the " + or - " button,
And when you can do this you are ready to make beautiful selfies with your iPhone.


Cheese Queen (author)2015-07-20

I can't imagine taken a wonderful trip and when looking over my pictures later having my big fat face stuck in every shot of every beautiful place.

children, trust me- you WILL remember you've been there without your own mug messing up the picture. And if your friends are real friends, they'll believe you even without a selfie.

pixeltrance (author)2015-07-19

The best selfies are the ones never taken. Fight narcissism. Avoid selfies!

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