How to Make Blowgun Darts




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Introduction: How to Make Blowgun Darts

I have been using this method for a while and it works quite well and with a four foot home made blowgun i can get a 50 yard range

Step 1: The Damage

Step 2: My Blowgun

all im using is a 4 foot piece of aluminum 1/2 inch rod i like aluminum because its strong light weight and doesn't rust

Step 3: My Youtube Video Showing All the Steps

for some reason it instructables wont upload so heres the link click me :D 



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    wow i have the same blow gun and similar darts and i have never seen this before thats quite weird :o

    Years ago I bought a cheap blow gun from "The Sportsman's Guide". Thin wire darts with a plastic cone fletch. Could shoot the center of a soup can (fairly heavy gauge) from about 40 feet. Shot through BOTH sides of the can and buried the wire into my apartment floor though heavy wall to wall carpet. My friends and I had a blast with it while swillin' beers. too long to shoot yourself by accident, so we had a ball with it. amazingly accurate. Without beer, I could hit inside a quarter's diameter most of the time! Amazing! Truly easy to "sight it in".

    i've been lookin on how to make a light weight long and close range weapon and i just found it thanks for postin g this instructable!!!

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    No problem my friend remember to check out my other videos on youtube it would mean alot :)

    I'll check 'em out if i can get a chance :)- :)

    what did you use at the end.

    what do you mean? :)

    do you use normal paper or card stock at the end of the dart (not the nail).

    that plastic card stock