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This is my tutorial on how to make bo-shuriken out of a stick of threaded metal. (works also without thread). These shuriken are of better quality and when performed well, they fly and hit very nice.

Materials youre gonna need:

-plyers (to grab the hot metal and temper it)
-your metal stick
-a Dremel or a bench grinder (grinder works better, i dont have one)
-a hacksaw (to cut your stick into size)
-wool (any color you like)
-a file / rasp
-a sharpy (to mark the center of your stick for balance)
-a grindingstone to sharpen your tip (final)

Step 1:

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anoos51 month ago

what did you use for a the rod? or the size of it?

ernie6664 years ago
Just wondering..is your "dremel" a Proxxon one?
unclex64 years ago
not "cutted" cut.

Reffner5 years ago
LOL what kind of trees do metal sticks come from?
obviously trees that are hard-core. hehe i made a pun :3
max1256 (author)  Reffner5 years ago
sry im german, and i didnt know how to call this kinda thing.
Jujitsu-Man5 years ago
Your guide is very clear and the photos are very good. Unfortunately, I don't think I'd be able to throw that properly, hehehe. Easy to make, but hard to use!
max1256 (author)  Jujitsu-Man5 years ago
i tested it out today, the fly & stick very nice. but cuz of their small weight they dont fly very far. but with enough power, i threw them about 1 inch deep into a wooden bench. so thats not the problem^^ and i just throw em like any other bo-shuriken...