Picture of How to make bo-shuriken
This is my tutorial on how to make bo-shuriken out of a stick of threaded metal. (works also without thread). These shuriken are of better quality and when performed well, they fly and hit very nice.

Materials youre gonna need:

-plyers (to grab the hot metal and temper it)
-your metal stick
-a Dremel or a bench grinder (grinder works better, i dont have one)
-a hacksaw (to cut your stick into size)
-wool (any color you like)
-a file / rasp
-a sharpy (to mark the center of your stick for balance)
-a grindingstone to sharpen your tip (final)

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Step 1:

Picture of


Step 2: Cutting the shuriken from the stick

Picture of Cutting the shuriken from the stick
you wanna wrap your hand around your metal stick and mark 1inch after your hand ends. now take your hacksaw or whatever and cut the stick at the mark you made before. Pay attention, the metal may get very hot while cutting. atfer cutting, take your rasp/file and file the one end you cutted before, so it gets smooth and plain. the other end will be our tip.

Step 3: Shaping the tip

Picture of Shaping the tip
after youve cutted your shuriken to the size of your hand, start shaping the tip. try to get a flat tip, then you shuriken will have more penetration. you can do this step either with a rasp, your Dremel or (works best) with a bench grinder. dont get the exact tip, just shape it. the detail work will be done after that. you may place the cutted & filed shuriken on your fingertip, and just get the balancepoint. its usefull to mark that point, look at foto.

NOTE if the tip is TOO thin, it will break off. so try to make it a good shape, just as on the foto.
anoos522 days ago

what did you use for a the rod? or the size of it?

ernie6663 years ago
Just your "dremel" a Proxxon one?
unclex64 years ago
not "cutted" cut.

Reffner4 years ago
LOL what kind of trees do metal sticks come from?
obviously trees that are hard-core. hehe i made a pun :3
max1256 (author)  Reffner4 years ago
sry im german, and i didnt know how to call this kinda thing.
Jujitsu-Man4 years ago
Your guide is very clear and the photos are very good. Unfortunately, I don't think I'd be able to throw that properly, hehehe. Easy to make, but hard to use!
max1256 (author)  Jujitsu-Man4 years ago
i tested it out today, the fly & stick very nice. but cuz of their small weight they dont fly very far. but with enough power, i threw them about 1 inch deep into a wooden bench. so thats not the problem^^ and i just throw em like any other bo-shuriken...