Today I will be showing you how to make eating utensils to use while camping. You will be combining the utensils you choose so choose what works best for you whether its a spoon/fork, spoon/knife, fork/knife, or other combos you can think of.

What you need:
-Fork, spoon, knife, other utensils you use
-Hot glue
-Electrical tape

Step 1: Planning

When planning what utensils you will attach, think of what would be most practical. For example a knife and fork work well together for eating meat. A spoon and a knife combination doesn't make as much sense as a fork and knife combo. Not much really goes into planning, it is really just a time to put a little thought into you combo.
<p>Make? more like modify. I would expect something more like cutting and bending your own utensils but <em>NO!</em></p>
Instead of electrical tape. Go to Radio shack and buy Heat Shrink. Is washable and very smooth

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