Do you have old crayons that are small and no good? Well, fear not! For i have the perfect way to make custom candles out of old crayons!

(This is my first instructable, so...wish me luck!)

Step 1: Choosing and unwrapping the crayons.

How to choose your crayons:
Look for crayons that may have spots of other colors on them, or are dull and can't color any more, or just some extra ones you have lying around.

Foolproof way to get the wrappers off:
Get a bowl and put some water in it. Add a few pieces of ice then let the water get cold. Put in your crayons, wrapper and all, and let them sit for about 5 minutes. Now there are 2 ways you can go with this.

If the wrapper will peel off easily-ish:
Snap the crayon in half and peel off the wrapper from the part where the wrapping is a little above the crayon.

If the wrapper is still on there:
Put the crayon vertically on a table. Get a knife (not super-sharp) and gently slide it downwards on the crayon until you see part of the actual crayon. Peel it off after that.
<p>Amazing sadly i think i did it wrong but oh well! this helped me so much and now i am one step further to getting the highest badge i can get in Guides :D</p>
<br> <br>@Mauigerbil Sorry about that, my keyboard is messed up with little bits of food stuck in it, idk how but, so it messes up sometimes.
<p>I'm aware that you wrote this ages ago, but turn your keyboard upside down and bash the back of it. You'll be amazed how much stuff comes out.</p>
<p>This was an awesome project!!!!!!!Thank you for sharing this :)</p>
<p>i love this thanks for the great idea i made it:)</p>
<p>Wow. Really? You're really going to correct somebody on their grammar? How about you stop trying to act like your grammar or spelling is perfect. </p>
<p>um....Their grammar is pretty close to perfect, its dimwits like you who give all morons a bad name...gummibear is clearly half retarded, and should have used spell check at the very least, their insight into this project has been rendered useless because nobody can understand what they wasted time to write... You may be even dumber, for getting mad that people actually care about things that matter, and for defending the laziest of people. Do you honestly think the world could function for even one day if everybody wrote like that? The more people out there using proper grammar, the easier it is for the world to communicate, and the better it is for everyone. To advocate that we should all &quot; not care&quot; about grammar like you is the same as saying we should be lazy about everything and anything, how would you feel if the guys that built your car had your attitude? they just didn't care about doing things right, and when somebody corrected them they got offended, and now your car explodes when you make left turns... what about the company that makes baby food for your child? what if they just didn't care about a little mold and some maggots in their peach puree? </p>
Well, i bught some coton thread thinking it would work as a good wick, but it only burned for less than 10 seconds, so I am using them now as crayons. But with some good quality wick, i guess these little candles will butn for maybe 30min-1hr, based on how big your mini muffin tin is (mine came from some cheesy little-girl cupcake making kit)
*bought <br>*cotton <br>*little candles should be put in for maybe 30 min. to 1 hr, based on how big your tin is . <br> <br> <br>There is no excuse for bad grammar. <br> <br>1: A plastic wick coated in wax would work better <br> <br>2:A hefty amount of drops of essential oil will cover up the dreadful crayon wax scent. <br> <br>3:They will probably last about 5 minutes, so they would be good for a romantic bath or Jacuzzi trip. <br> <br>Not being mean or anything, but there is spell check.
<p>wow really, I don't care if you are not being mean, you don't have to be a grammar nazi</p>
That's really cute! How well do they melt as candles?

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