Step 2: Melting the Crayons.

Put crayons of your desired color into a container that you will sacrifice to making candles. I would say a good 10-15 crayons. I would put colors that go well together, such as green & blue or orange & yellow, into one candle. Put the crayons into the microwave and nuke 'em for 2 minutes at a time, until it is smooth. You don't want to wait to pour it into the mold after they are melted, because the wax will start to set up fast.
<p>Amazing sadly i think i did it wrong but oh well! this helped me so much and now i am one step further to getting the highest badge i can get in Guides :D</p>
<br> <br>@Mauigerbil Sorry about that, my keyboard is messed up with little bits of food stuck in it, idk how but, so it messes up sometimes.
<p>I'm aware that you wrote this ages ago, but turn your keyboard upside down and bash the back of it. You'll be amazed how much stuff comes out.</p>
<p>This was an awesome project!!!!!!!Thank you for sharing this :)</p>
<p>i love this thanks for the great idea i made it:)</p>
<p>Wow. Really? You're really going to correct somebody on their grammar? How about you stop trying to act like your grammar or spelling is perfect. </p>
Well, i bught some coton thread thinking it would work as a good wick, but it only burned for less than 10 seconds, so I am using them now as crayons. But with some good quality wick, i guess these little candles will butn for maybe 30min-1hr, based on how big your mini muffin tin is (mine came from some cheesy little-girl cupcake making kit)
*bought <br>*cotton <br>*little candles should be put in for maybe 30 min. to 1 hr, based on how big your tin is . <br> <br> <br>There is no excuse for bad grammar. <br> <br>1: A plastic wick coated in wax would work better <br> <br>2:A hefty amount of drops of essential oil will cover up the dreadful crayon wax scent. <br> <br>3:They will probably last about 5 minutes, so they would be good for a romantic bath or Jacuzzi trip. <br> <br>Not being mean or anything, but there is spell check.
<p>wow really, I don't care if you are not being mean, you don't have to be a grammar nazi</p>
That's really cute! How well do they melt as candles?

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