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If you are a complete fool, you should watch, or at least turn your eyes toward your moniter, and read HOW TO MAKE CEREAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Step 1: Grocery Store

Picture of Grocery Store
Head to the nearest Wallmart or Hanniford and pick up some milk, and any cereal of your choice. And if you really need to, you can get some spoons too.
Thanks, since I didn't know how to serve myself a bowl of cereal.
*says sarcastically* jk =]
lol give the kid a break it was his first instructable.
I'm just messing with him/her.................. My first ible is nothing to be excited about either =]
It's a him. It's FFVIIBOY's brother.
Aww, no way =] that's cool, older or younger bro?
Awww, =], I see you like monster...............
Yeah, I love monster. lol
My momma said that monster is bad for you and that it ruins your muscle....=D
 don't listen to her.
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 think of her as a stranger lol
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OK. I got to the grocery store, and I got some cereal, but then when I got it home I decided to just open the box and start eating it, without milk,  without bowl, without, spoon, ya know just eating the cereal  with my hands. Mmmr...mfff...mff... um, it's pretty good too.  Um... the uh... question I was going to ask is, ah, erm...

Is this wrong?  I mean am I doing it wrong?
IntenseInfernape (author)  Jack A Lopez5 years ago
Yes, tell your mom to take a gallon of milk, dump it in the cereal box, (shake the cereal box) then take a spoon and eat it. TASTE GOOD! By the way, if you have no skill in handling kitchen utensils, call a Vantruilaquist...........
Sorry, Sir.  I'll try harder to get it right next time.