If you are going to make a survival kit or just going camping in the wild you are going to need some tinder to light your fire. If it is wet outside finding tinder is going to be hard, so taking some of this you are going to have a good chance of making a fire.
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Step 1: What you need.

Picture of What you need.
All you need is a small metal tin, some cotton and a tin opener..  You can get cotton from an old sheet or some old clothes.

Step 2: Preparing the tin and cotton.

Picture of Preparing the tin and cotton.

Take the tin and using your tin opener or a nail and hammer, make a small hole in the top of the tin.
Then take your cotton.  Cut it into lenths about 3cm wide and then cut your strip into 3cm squares.
Dont worry about the cotton fraying.

Step 3: Making the char cloth.

Picture of Making the char cloth.
Put some of the cotton squares into the tin making sure there is plenty of free space in the tin. If there is not enough cotton in the tin, it won't work properly. If there is too much cotton in the tin then it won't work properly.
Put the lid back on.

Step 4: The easy bit.

Picture of The easy bit.
Find a source of fire or a large amount of heat and put your tin in it so the entire tin is getting hit by the heat. Then just leave it there for around half an hour.  I said it was easy.
You can use an incinerator or a fireplace in a house to make char cloth.

Step 5: Final bit.

Picture of Final bit.
When the tin is cool again you can open it up and see your homemade char cloth.

This doesn't always work, but it tends to.
This is not something I am taking credit for as it was not my idea, but I want other people to know how to make it the way I do.
Good luck.
danfolkes3 years ago