Introduction: How to Make Cheap and Light Wheels for RC Aircraft

This a nice and easy way to make some very light wheels for next to nothing - If like me you happen to have a length of pipe lagging left over then the cost is zero!

you will need:
A length of foam pipe lagging
A scrap of foam board.
hot glue.

Hacksaw blade
Sharp Knife
Glue gun

The web site referred to in the video is


rimar2000 (author)2013-10-09

Clever idea!

rickharris (author)rimar20002013-10-10

The video is also published on flitetest's web site -

Along with 100's of other tips and free plans for building aircraft from raw beginner to superb flying wings - and just about everything in between.

I am nothing to do with the site just a grateful user. If you interested in flying or starting to fly RC aircraft there couldn't be a better place to start.

After a 20 year laps I have rekindled my interest in building models and RC flying.

Perhaps the 2 mtr motor glider in my garage will get an airing at last.

I have recently upgraded my RC equipment and found a 6 channel 2.4 gig radio and receiver for £36 - Hard to beat prices like that.

In all the equipment  to start cost about  £98- this included the cost of Transmitter and receiver, 4 servos,  a motor controller, motor, 2 Lipo batteries and a suitable charger.

The aircraft in general you can build for £4 or less depending on where you buy your foam board and what tools you have.

rimar2000 (author)rickharris2013-10-11

Here in Argentina these things are expensive and exclusive. Besides, I have not the time required to make and to fly a model aircraft. Thanks anyway for your suggestion.

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