How to Make Cheap Wood Caulk





Introduction: How to Make Cheap Wood Caulk

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How to make wood caulk out of wood glue and sawdust.   You can use it to cover nails and holes in wood.

Step 1: What You Need

you need

- wood glue (normal glue might work, but i havent tried)
- sawdust (you want the finest sawdust that you can get)
-something to stir in/with

Step 2:

first you need to add glue to the sawdust.  There is no exact measurement,  just make it stick together,  with enough glu to make it moldable/ not dry.

Step 3:

now i am going to cover the nails.  After it is dry sand it flush with the wood.



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    If you mix this up with clear lacquer instead you'll have something that will take stain, somewhat, & take a clear finish pretty well. It is, after all, sawdust & has no grain in large patches, but if you use the sanding dust from the project you are filling you can't get a closer match. It also has the benefit of being very easy to store & you can revive it if it's thickened or even dried out by adding a bit of lacquer thinner & more lacquer. I've seen hardwood floor guys do 3 rooms worth of new, unfinished flooring with a 5 gallon bucket 2/3 full to start. Also doesn't cause blotchy spots in the finish like a glue will.

    Haha, I used wood filler recently and swore it was sawdust and goo lol

    Never would have thunk. But it's a perfect fill compound! Thanks

    I do this all the time when working with exotic woods because pin holes can be filled with an exact color match and it takes stains and finishes the same as the rest of the wood. Nice write-up.

    painting over it would work. Finishing it would not work.

    In the UK we call this product plastic wood.

    You can buy it or make it.

    When totally dry you can treat it more or less like real wood - sand drill, paint - If you use very fine sawdust you will get a good finish.

    PVA glue isn't waterproof although Titebond may be depending on the grade.

    painting over it would work, unless you use finish, especially clear finish)