How to Make Cheese Packed Rigatoni.





Introduction: How to Make Cheese Packed Rigatoni.

You need string cheese, large rigatoni noodles, a pot, a stove, and a microwave.

Step 1: Step One Cooking the Noodles.

Put the desiered amount of rigatoni
in the pot then put it on the stove then you cook following the instructions on the box.

Step 2: Cutting the String Cheese Into Halfs Lengthwise Then Cut Into Forths Widthwise.

Cutting the string cheese into Halfs lengthwise then cut into forths widthwise. You should have eight pieces per string. 

Step 3: Stuff the Cheese Into the Noodle.

Drain the noodles. Then put 1 piece of cheese into each noodle. I couldnt put a picture here sorry.

Step 4: Heating Them Up.

Heat the noodles with cheese in them. Use the microvave to melt the cheese. For a full plate heat for 45 secounds. Sprinkle some salt onto the finished product. Note. You don't have to add salt.



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