How to make chevre goat cheese

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I like to learn new "stuff" and so I decided to challenge myself.  This time the target is to create some chevre goat's cheese. (No need for any rennet)

First off is to get about 2L of goats milk, I use fresh.  The act of heating it up also pasteurizes the milk at the same time so don't worry about that.

The process for cheese is a lot like yogurt, heat up to 170-185 degrees.  I acquired a glass double boiler thanks to Kijiji for $25.00.  This ensures I do not scaled the milk and give it an "off" flavour.
The rest of my used items was from a creative canvass of regular used items.  The plastic tube is a hamburger press, works pretty good too!

So this is the hit list;

1 Liter goats milk
Juice of lemon (2-4 Tbsp divided)
1/2 tsp salt

Heat milk to 170-185 degrees, remove from heat and add lemon juice.
*if it does not curdle to you liking after 10-15mins, reheat and add lemon juice amts again.

Heat down to 120 degrees and ladle into cheese cloth

tie down or otherwise secure and weigh down

Refrigerate for 2hrs under weight

Remove and scrap out, add salt and seasonings (if desired) and stir in 1 tbsp of lemon juice.

Return to fridge for 48hrs to intensify flavour and will keep for 1 week.  (Never lasts longer than a few days in my house anyways)

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Step 1:

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Now bring the milk up to 170-185 degrees.

Next is to add 2 tbsp of lemon, either real or bottle.  It will should make the milk curdle. As seen in the photos.

Step 2: How to make goat chevre cheese

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Let the lemon curdle the milk.  To avoid and breaking glass do not put the hot glass jar into cold water.  I pour the warmed milk into a stainless steel pot to cool down to 120 degrees.
nstremming1 year ago
Oh .. Forgot.. We did three flavours.. Garlic scape pesto, blackberry balsamic coulis and my son( age 11) did a blueberry lemon one .. Delish.. Though we had to weight it again as it became too liquidy
nstremming1 year ago
So easy!!! A suggestion for the whey.. Use it in soups or as the liquid in bread
This is a fantastic tutorial! I favorited this and I'm going to have to give it a go soon :D
caeric1 year ago
Very well documented and photographed. Though I've made a few cheeses, I've never delved into goat yet. Thanks for sharing!
Wonderful recipe and tutorial! You've made it so easy to follow along :)
melwood (author) 1 year ago
I just want to say this is my first instructable and I'm pretty excited. I hope you enjoyed it and are willing to try it too!