Decorating Cupcakes can be hard.  I found an easy way to make your cupcakes super cool, regardless of what you're into.
If you like to use fondant, that's fine, I just prefer the taste of chocolate instead.

Step 1: What You Need

1- The regular stuff...Cake mix/Awesome cake recipe - it's up to you, cupcake foils, cupcake baking sheets, etc.

2- Chocolate.  All possible colours, you can melt them together to make unusual colours.  You can go to a candy store, (I go to Bulk Barn) to find them.  You'll be surprised to see bright pink and purple chocolate, but they have it.

3- Frosting for extra decorations

4- Mini Bowls to melt the chocolate in, spatulas, wax paper, ziplock bags. piping gel
If you can't find chocolate that is already coloured, you can add in one drop of food coloring for every 6 cups of melted chocolate. Stir slowly until the colour is fully mixed into the chocolate. For more intense color, add one drop at a time to get the color you want. How much chocolate you use it up to you. <br>
<br> I actually found somewhere in Australia for coloured candy melts.. there are probably others but these guys are even in my city, so all that much better<br> <a href="http://www.theraspberrybutterfly.com.au/store/pc/home.asp">The Raspberry Butterfly</a><br>
wow, these are great. Anyone know where I can get coloured chocolate in Australia? I have powdered chocolate colouring to use with white choc, but there are only limited colours and it's a pain mixing the colours!
Those look awesome! And after seeing your i'ble... waaaay easier than making each of those guys out of fondant.

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