Step 11: Storing your cider

Picture of Storing your cider
For the first 3-5 days after bottling with, you should keep your bottles in a warm place.  This will encourage the yeast to ferment the sugar, to will make the cider fizzy.  After that, you should store the bottles in a cold place for about 2 weeks to allow the cider to settle and clear.
rosemarybeetle (author) 4 years ago
I also meant cider when I said wine in that reply too!
blackjimmy4 years ago
Nice Instructable! I have a question: on some other site I was reading that if you make cider in the autumn it should be drunk the following spring.. is that massive overkill? 2 weeks just seems like a surprisingly short time! Do you think your cider gets better the longer you leave it? or no difference?