Step 8: Add yeast

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Any wine or beer grade yeast is good for this.  You can add it straight into the juice, but if you have used sulphur dixide to sterilise your juice, you should allow 24 hours before adding the yeast.  The wine yeast you add will quickly crowd out any traces of other natural yeasts.  It will use up the oxygen in the juice to breed, and will start turning the natural sugars into alcohol.
Langarulz3 years ago
Is there a way to make it so the yeast DOESN'T turn the sugar to alcohol? I dont drink beer or wine and I dont want to.
rosemarybeetle (author) 5 years ago
Yes, it is as simple as tha really.  You can use a hydrometer to measure the gravity of the juice before and after adding the yeast, but its not essential.  It is mainly just to see how strong it will be. 

Won't the air make it turn into vinegar?
rosemarybeetle (author)  sockless5 years ago
Hi there.

No, it shouldn't. That's what step 7 was for.  You are right to be concerned. The bacteria that causes vinegar to form is common and will be found on the skins of apples.  The addition of the sulphite powder release sulphur dioxide nuking the bacteria. You should leave it overnight, but by adding the yeast afterwards this gets established in a sterile liquid, outbreeds everything and takes over. 

It is possible to get vinegar bacteria back in again later if you do not cover the liquid, as tiny fruit flies (Drusophlis I think the are called) will appear as if by magic ,attracted by the smell of the fermentation, and they carry the bacteria, so keep the lid on

Hope that makes sense.  The method I have here is the simplest.  It is possible to be much stricter on hygeine,  but unless you intend to keep the finished product for a long time, it isn't really necessary to go over the top with this.
sockless5 years ago
So do we just brew this in the bucket?