Introduction: How to Make Coffee

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From beans to cup this instructable will show you the whole process right the way through...

Step 1: Getting Your Beans.

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You can get your pre-roasted beans from loads of places, many coffee shops, starbucks and clements included, along with your local supermarket.

Reading the packet/can should help you choose though phrases like 'rich aroma' and 'subtle blends' are a given, look for the kind of coffee you like/want, remember if ytou want you can get flavour infused beans aswell, though if they are much more expensive than the same without the flavour consider infusing them at home.

Step 2: Grind 'Em Up!

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Our next step is to grind the beans for one of our three ways of making the coffee, use a coarser grind for making it with a French press or cafetiere, fine ground are generally great for the fancy coffee machines and filter ones alike.

If you don't have a coffee grinder think outside the box a little, a herb grinder can work or possibly a blender if you are a blendtec employee...

Step 3: Making: the French Press/cafetiere

Picture of Making: the French Press/cafetiere

This one isn't too complicated, put a little hot water in the bottom of the cafetiere to warm the glass, swill it out and put in your grounds, most people have the little spoon/mini ladle, that gives you a pretty decent amount per cup though a heaped dessert spoon of grounds per cup is a reasonable measure.

Add your boiling water up to the level just below the highest point the filter will sit at, not a paper filter, the mesh circle that is...

Let your coffee brew! This isn't instant, wait between 6 and 8 minutes get the biscuits out, potter around but don't take it early and ruin the coffee quality...

After the time is up slowly and carefully slide the plunger on top down to the bottom, take care doing this or you'll end up with gritty coffee.

When pouring go slowly, it'll help keep the grounds from unsettling, especially on the last cup.

Step 4: Making: Coffee/Espresso Machine.

Picture of Making: Coffee/Espresso Machine.

One thing, before I start on this step it's Espresso Not Expresso there is no X stop saying it like there is people, you'll upset the Italians...

So one we go, depending on the machine it'll work a little different but the process is similar throughout, usually you have to let the machine heat up its water first.

If it has a little place for the coffee to go, usually on the nozzle attachment with a handle load it in and tamp it down gently, lock it on in place and when the temperature gauge hits 100C you're good to go.

Flip the switch or button, After putting the cup in place under the nozzle.

Depending on this kind of machine some have little pods like hose kenco ones, some have other ways of loading up though most work like the one pictured.

Step 5: A Drip or Percolator Machine.

Picture of A Drip or Percolator Machine.

These are very simple machines to use and load.

Drip ones, like the ones in offices and many american diners are simple things that slowly fill a pot up with hot coffee. Most of these will have a paper filter though you can get a cleanable metal one to replace them and some now come with one. You simply load your grounds in to the filter (usually a conical one) after putting it in the holder or place it goes and the turn the machine on, once it has heated its after up it'll put hot water through the coffee slowly brewing as it goes. Once the pots is full of nice hot coffee enjoy... Don't stick your head under it, unlike a bar tap this will drip boiling water in to your face...

A percolator works almost exactly the same way as a drip machine, the main difference being that it forces the coffee through the filter a bit more and gives you a cup pretty quickly, as a result these are made in to mini coffee makers quite often, since you only need to heat water and point it through a filter...

Step 6: The Explodinator... Stovetop Cafetiere/Moka Pot...

Picture of The Explodinator... Stovetop Cafetiere/Moka Pot...

These little Italian inventions are to say the least unpredictable, they're great for making a cup of extra strong coffee but ours did manage to explode coffee all over the walls once, my guess, superheated water issues...

You put water in to the bottom portion and tightly pack coffee in to the middle bit...

Stick it on to the stove and hope against hope that it wont explode, ok they're not really that bad but they can burst.

These work the same way as a percolator except under pressure, the water is heated up until it expands enough to be forced through the packed in coffee... It's advisable that if you buy one look for a brass valve sticking out the side, if the filter bit clogs the valve will release the pressure from the steam causing minor burns instead of a catastrophic explosion...

I've thrown in a little cutaway view of how these work in the second picture since they're simply made but a bit complicated...

Step 7: Instant...

Picture of Instant...

Now some will be snotty about instant and some will also realize its on the side of the can/jar...

All the same making instant coffee isn't too complicated, goes something like this...

- Get the kettle going
- Get cup
- Add granules, one teaspoon normally add two for good strong coffee
- Add milk to tastes and stir up with granules (it's a clever trick that makes it a bit closer to real coffee)
- Add your boiling water
- Add sugar to taste

Woah, that was complicated but that's every common method I can think of when it comes to making coffee, if I grew it I'd have a circle of life 'ible going on...

Read on for authentic after jitters...

Step 8: Drip...

Picture of Drip...

Drip coffee's fairly simple to make...

You need:
- A filter
- Coffee grounds
- Source of hot water.

The machine itself is also fairly simple, bartboy made one out of Knex, with two filters, also because it's bare it makes it easy to see how it goes together.

Basically water goes through the coffee and then the filter, infusing on the way with the grounds staying in the filter, much like a percolator, just more manual...

Step 9: Jittery Much?

Picture of Jittery Much?

Learn to make Turkish Coffee with Brennn10's 'ibles here.

So I've just made coffee with every coffee method in my house...


- 2 cup cafetiere
- 8 cup cafetiere
- one espresso, one machine coffee
- One stove cafetiere, of doom
- Mug of instant
- One percolated cup

Later and I've got to say it was worth doing it, just to see what'd happen, well thankfully I already had a full blown caffeine addiction so I had some protection due to tolerance but you know what? I'm reasonably sure I'm on the verge of seizure, it's a minor worry but worse is the fact that my attention span is gone, it's taken me a while to write this word to word...

But all the same I enjoyed making this 'ible a huge amount, now I've got to go occupy myself, where's the badger, hell better yet I'm going to have a digging race with the rabbit, no I'm going to play god... Wait I got it! I'm going to go dribble on myself as my brain slowly shuts down due to poisoning from caffeine...


SHOE0007 (author)2017-03-30

Distillate of cherry pepsi coffee, coffee blends etc.

SHOE0007 (author)2017-03-30

Has anyone distilled concentrated coffee for the potential aroma??? I have.

mikebook (author)2012-02-12

My moka pot hasn't had any issues with pressure, but the coffee is extremely bitter. I thought the point of espresso was that it was made so quickly it didn't have time to get bitter. Nothing like any of the espressos I've gotten in cafés here in Europe. I think my grind might be too coarse, but coming from the U.S., I haven't seen espresso grind up close before, and I'm not sure. Any ideas?

furlow (author)2011-11-24

Grind size is key to this maker, you should have it finer than press pot coarse, but not as fine as espresso coffee. As others have said, don't pack it down, this is normally the cause of spluttering and the safety valve going and you end up with no coffee.

furlow (author)2011-11-24

I guess it depends on the coarsness of your grind, but I would never brew a press pot for that long, normally its about 3-4mins maybe 5 maximum. Anymore and it will probably taste quite bitter. Also most say that you should use water just off the boil to prevent any unwanted bitterness.

ifredsayred (author)2009-08-23

The only thing I'd add to this excellent instructable has to do with the French press method. I've found that after pouring the water, take a spoon and give it a good stir before placing the plunger top back on. That way the coffee grounds mix in completely with water instead of having some grounds sit on top. Very nicely done!

brevetto (author)ifredsayred2011-11-24

I second that. Stirring the grounds with the hot water releases the carbon gasses expelled from the beans and aerates the coffee for a fuller richer taste.

Oooo I'll try that! I use a French Press, and in my opinion, it's the best way to make coffee.

foxli (author)2011-07-29

Thanks for sharing this--I recently acquired a french press that has no instructions. With your help, I made such a good cup of joe I'm giving away my old Mr Coffee!

fancypenguin845 (author)2009-11-06

mabey theres something wrong w/ me i use a heaping tablespoon per cup }:]

foxli (author)fancypenguin8452011-07-29

Haha. Try two. That's what I do for my morning brew. ;) Puts a little pep in my step. Just a little.

Table spoon and dessert spoon are the same thing methinks, tea spoons the little one but looking at my table and dessert spoons I see nothing to differentiate other than what they got stamped on in the factory...

durn it im not as hardcore as i thought B/ haha

vumbaka (author)2011-04-26

You MUST NOT pack the cofee tightly,or teh hot water can't run well into the coffee,resulting in a disgusting quality of beverage.

(I'm italian,I know hot to make a GOOD coffee...)

seamaas (author)2010-09-26

most stove top espresso maker's have a release valve on the side it is that brass thing at the top of #1

killerjackalope (author)seamaas2010-09-26

They do but if you get it wrong they'll still blast the grounds over the kitchen, it just stops the boiled piece from exploding under pressure though...

seamaas (author)killerjackalope2010-09-28

that is true

roobs (author)2009-04-16

wait, where does the coffee go??

thartaros (author)roobs2009-08-05

right on number 3

seamaas (author)thartaros2010-09-28

No it's on #2 which is the basket

creasemaker (author)2010-02-25

I just ran across you Instructable, and thought I'd show you the espresso maker I found at a surplus store 25 years ago.It came with "NO" instructions, and the people in the store did even know what it was. It came from Italy( has "made in Italy " on it) and has the name "La Sorentina" on it.
the first I tried to use it ,with help from my know it all brother inlaw, I shot coffee every were, because removed part that held the coffee while it was still under pressure. after some research several years latter I got it to work and saw it in a book as an "atomic  style"  and it still makes a great cup.

kitschykat (author)2009-09-17

Is it one spoonful of ground coffeevper 6 oz., 8 oz. or 10 oz. cup?

arhodes18 (author)2009-08-11

you don't have the siphon/vacuum maker...

Bartboy (author)2009-07-06

Drip coffee?.....

killerjackalope (author)Bartboy2009-07-06

Done and added...

Bartboy (author)killerjackalope2009-07-06

I is happy.
Knex has made it into another featured ible!
Victory at last!

you have no idea how >:( I'd be if it became un-featured..... lol

killerjackalope (author)Bartboy2009-07-08

Well it's actually a good example of a drip coffee maker, though if I ever do find myself making coffee the drip method I'll make it right it to the cup more often than not...

killerjackalope (author)Bartboy2009-07-06

Bugger I'm sorry, never got round to it before I got kicked out... Will fix now...

highoncatnip (author)2009-05-28

marijuana is not physically addictive

Eh what? I didn't mention weed? The spammer below, if you want to reply to him, it's the bottom right corner of his comment, that reply button...

DougHardy (author)2009-03-31

Another thing to help prevent explosive coffee syndrome is to put your moka on LOW heat, as the instructions state. Combined with the loose packing of coffee, this is all you need. It's really a wonderful espresso maker. :)

markie161 (author)2009-03-06

The key to your exploding coffeepot syndrome is where you say that the water, “expands enough to be forced through the packed in coffee...” Do NOT pack the coffee into this coffeepot or it can build up too much presser and burst. Just fill the holder and level it off, I've used these for years and never had any bursting issues.

It also has a pressure realease valve, which failed to activate, not actually sure why it burst like it did...

merseyless (author)2009-02-17

The Italian's are upset, and they are coming...

Paul55 (author)2009-02-06

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killerjackalope (author)Paul552009-02-09

No spam please.

fancypenguin845 (author)2008-12-31

now i drink like three cups of coffee a day

fancypenguin845 (author)2008-12-31

i was first introduced to my caffine addiction (it runs in the family :) ) when i had a BFC monster before a school dance. i swear people thought i was on crack. i dont actually enjoy the dances, i just go so i can double back after my mom drops me off and buy a ton of energy drinks

whatsisface (author)2008-09-25

I had 3 coffees and a red bull in the space of two hours today. I was speaking really fast apparently.

I remember the only time I've truly been hit by a monster caffeine rush was when I had seven hammerheads back to back while meeting with someone (hammerhead - two shots espresso, filter coffee to top up to a big mug) it was stressful conversation so it was a case of coffee at all times and several cigarettes, the girls at the shop were talking to me after and gave me a fully stamped loyalty card because it was so funny for them... So next week in for my free one and I end up missing a thing I was supposed to go to because they started chatting to me...

Bartboy (author)killerjackalope2008-11-11

When I went to the dominican repulic when I was 9, I sat in a bar drinking ( virgin : ( ) margaritas and espressos almost all day ; 0

Rishnai (author)killerjackalope2008-09-26

So it's hammerheads that I love drinking... I always wondered what the term actually was.

killerjackalope (author)Rishnai2008-09-30

They're nice aren't they?

Rishnai (author)killerjackalope2008-09-30

Very. Funny thing is, I tend to use them when I can't sleep: chug a couple, wait about an hour, easily fall asleep until morning. Space 'em out a bit, and you can be up all night. How versatile.

killerjackalope (author)Rishnai2008-10-01

I know, they're a great drink to have at any time... They're also good poured over crushed ice (had one gone cold and didn't want waste so I threw in some caramel coffee syrup and poured...)

I had about 3 hours in a local coffee shop once with a friend drinking espressos. We got through loads of them, so much that the staff gave us free drinks till we left.

I love that kind of thing... It makes you feel so good that you're ending up with your money's worth...

Bartboy (author)2008-11-11

This is still incomplete! You need to show how to do it with a filer and funnel in a coffee pot! How did this win?

roulopa (author)2008-10-29

BTW just to make things clear, we (I'm French) do not use press to make coffee we mainly use filter cofee at home and espresso coffee in bar and restaurants... I do not even know where the so called French press comes from...

killerjackalope (author)roulopa2008-10-29

I know, it's a name a lot of people know it by but I never understood that connection...

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