Picture of How to make coiled wire
You will need :
Marker (Or something that you wrap wire around)
Heat gun
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Step 1: Wrapping wire

Picture of Wrapping wire
Start to wrapping wire around marker and secure it with tape

Step 2: Covering

Picture of Covering
Cover the taped sides aluminum foil, reflective side out.This will reflect heat from the heat gun away

Step 3: Heating the wire

Picture of Heating the wire
Heat the wire with heat gun,but when plastic come smoking let it stay minute or two and heat it again.

Step 4: Testing

Picture of Testing
Remove foil and tape.
Test the wire before you use it
Machine1 year ago

Nicely done. I didn't think that something like that would be so easy. Thanks for showing us.

pquadros2 years ago
Wouldn't it be wiser to use a hair dryer? Nice instructable anyway.
tutdude98 (author)  pquadros2 years ago
well you can use it but it needs longer to heat the wire
ynns13 years ago
In the canadian series "How it's made" (season 15 episode 12) there was actually an episode of "How retractile wires are made". The important last stage was to reverse the coils of the wire to give it extra strength and 'spring', otherwise it remains quite loose.
The factory used a proprietary machine that wasn't allowed to be shown but an employee demonstrated the method using a hand drill grasping one end of the wire. Offcourse for a shorter and thinner wire as this a drill would be an overkill.
TheRafMan3 years ago
Neat, I have tried this method in the past for some jumper wires for breadboards but they don't keep the shape for long, probably because the ones I used felt more like solid wires. I see you are using bigger stranded wire and was wondering if they kept the shape permanently.