You will need :
Marker (Or something that you wrap wire around)
Heat gun

Step 1: Wrapping Wire

Start to wrapping wire around marker and secure it with tape

Step 2: Covering

Cover the taped sides aluminum foil, reflective side out.This will reflect heat from the heat gun away

Step 3: Heating the Wire

Heat the wire with heat gun,but when plastic come smoking let it stay minute or two and heat it again.

Step 4: Testing

Remove foil and tape.
Test the wire before you use it
<p>Nicely done. I didn't think that something like that would be so easy. Thanks for showing us.</p>
Wouldn't it be wiser to use a hair dryer? Nice instructable anyway.
well you can use it but it needs longer to heat the wire
In the canadian series &quot;How it's made&quot; (season 15 episode 12) there was actually an episode of &quot;How retractile wires are made&quot;. The important last stage was to reverse the coils of the wire to give it extra strength and 'spring', otherwise it remains quite loose.<br>The factory used a proprietary machine that wasn't allowed to be shown but an employee demonstrated the method using a hand drill grasping one end of the wire. Offcourse for a shorter and thinner wire as this a drill would be an overkill.
Neat, I have tried this method in the past for some jumper wires for breadboards but they don't keep the shape for long, probably because the ones I used felt more like solid wires. I see you are using bigger stranded wire and was wondering if they kept the shape permanently.

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