In this instructable i'll be showing you guys how to make multi-colored flames!
The flames turn green, blue and purple!

This is also great on a fireplace or campfire to bring out the true colors of fire!

When a metal or metal salt is burned, the input of thermal energy raises the electrons in the metal atom to a higher energy state. These electrons cannot remain in this excited state for too long and will emit energy in the form of light to return to the more stable, grounded state which is the light.

Step 1: Materials

1) Copper(ii) chloride (for blue color, i think it's also called cupric chloride)
2) Copper sulfate and borax (for green color... be careful with the copper sulfate; call a doctor if it gets in your eyes or you swallow it or if you keep it on your skin for too long; this is a very dangerous chemical)
3) Potassium chloride (for purple color)
4) Matches or a lighter
5) A fireplace with logs or a campfire (or just a piece of paper or something that can be lit)
6) Rubber gloves (don't forget, you're dealing with chemicals here!)
7) A bowl and a stirrer to mix the chemicals
8) A tissue (optional; only if you want to make a color bomb... which I know you do!)

All these chemicals aren't too hard to find, I got most of them from my old Chemistry teacher at my school (he was both surprised and glad that I asked him if he had any of these chemicals laying around!)

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