Picture of Colored Flames

In this instructable i'll be showing you guys how to make multi-colored flames!
The flames turn green, blue and purple!

This is also great on a fireplace or campfire to bring out the true colors of fire!

When a metal or metal salt is burned, the input of thermal energy raises the electrons in the metal atom to a higher energy state. These electrons cannot remain in this excited state for too long and will emit energy in the form of light to return to the more stable, grounded state which is the light.

Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials

1) Copper(ii) chloride (for blue color, i think it's also called cupric chloride)
2) Copper sulfate and borax (for green color... be careful with the copper sulfate; call a doctor if it gets in your eyes or you swallow it or if you keep it on your skin for too long; this is a very dangerous chemical)
3) Potassium chloride (for purple color)
4) Matches or a lighter
5) A fireplace with logs or a campfire (or just a piece of paper or something that can be lit)
6) Rubber gloves (don't forget, you're dealing with chemicals here!)
7) A bowl and a stirrer to mix the chemicals
8) A tissue (optional; only if you want to make a color bomb... which I know you do!)

All these chemicals aren't too hard to find, I got most of them from my old Chemistry teacher at my school (he was both surprised and glad that I asked him if he had any of these chemicals laying around!)
Rev. AislinnF2 months ago

I'd like to have a bonfire with black flames. The flames don't have to last long ~ just a couple of minutes ~ but don't know where to turn. Any suggestions?

I do not believe black flames are possible. Light is a byproduct of the heat being generated, the chemicals above being burnt produce heat and a different wavelength of light from that heat along with the byproducts. If you think about it, black isn't in the spectrum because black is caused by an absorption of said wavelengths.

If you would like some other fun though, hydrogen does make for a fun bang. Place it under a burning log in a thick enough container and its raining embers to your friends horror!

PS: I could be wrong, I just drew off of experence but not much research.

Thank you for your comment! While I understand the nature of fire and flames, I've actually seen black flames on candles. Just wish I could figure out how to do this.

This time I went through my books. From what I know as fact, a black fire is not possible but perhaps you mean white hot. White hot fires, under correct conditions are invisible due to the majority of the light being a wavelengths not visible to the eye or just not being produced.

Once such reaction is a stoichiometric oxygen and hydrogen interaction, producing temperatures in around 5070F. While a Oxy-Acetylene burn will produce more heat (6200F) however it is not a clean burn and will almost always produce light.

Good luck on your attempts, I would honestly reccomend a talking plasma speeker though.

akossoy (author)  Rev. AislinnF2 months ago
Sorry but I have no idea myself :( I tried doing a little research on it and couldn't find anything on black flames either. Sorry about that

Thank you for checking! This has been quite challenging!!!

DevonL7 months ago

I am doing a science fair experiment and I was wondering how much would you suggest for putting in the chemicals individually.

A bit late to the party, but if you can find a aqueious solution and spray in over a flame, you dont have to worry too much about amount. If you use a powder, use just enough to get the desired effect, however make sure its well ventilated as the byproduct could be hazardous.

Actual pictures of fire here: http://bit.ly/K7elqk

This is pretty cool. Sure beats using newspapers every time. You can find a chart that has all of the colors of the rainbow and the chemicals you need to create them. Just click on the link that I shared above. There's some good pictures where you can see the color of the flame change. Let me know if you need help! :)

this is cool but we can't use opened fire

akossoy (author)  Cheryl Khan1 year ago
Wow! Thanks for sharing this! The chart definitely helps in knowing which chemicals burn off different colors! :) Thanks again!
Your Welcome! I'm glad that you found it useful. It was a bit hard to find so I thought I'd share it here although you seem to have the "scientific" explanation behind the reaction hehe. Are you a Chem major?
akossoy (author)  Cheryl Khan1 year ago
No, I'm actually still in high school (senior)! Although I have always liked chemistry, I am going to major in computer science! :) Again, thanks for sharing the link!
Kudos to you. You have a bright future ahead of you!
sarahy111 months ago
i made it:)

but i burned my favorite shirt and i forgot to tie my hair back red hair + fire= black tips hahahha

neozelandes3 years ago
could these chemicals be put into a candle?
if so do i just mix it in with the wax?
I think you should put the chemicals in the wick, not in the wax ( make a water solution and wet the string).
akossoy (author)  neozelandes3 years ago
sorry for taking so long to respond, i was never told when people commented on my videos for some reason so its hard to keep up. i suppose so as long as the wax isn't too hot that it burns the chemicals on the spot, good idea, i should try that!
GASSYPOOTS2 years ago
It's been a while since I have Vernon but I want some shiny flames lololololol
jadronx3 years ago
another thing for blue would be magnesium powder... shouldn't be too hard to get if you have a pyrotechnics supply store around
Magnesium powder should burn a bright white. It is commonly used in the strobe style fireworks.
akossoy (author)  jadronx3 years ago
magnesium powder? will try!
crossfire3 years ago
can we see pics of the actual fire?
akossoy (author)  crossfire3 years ago
my fireplace broke and i haven't been successful in using other people's fireplaces! sorry about that.
GASSYPOOTS3 years ago
rubber+copper= some other color
akossoy (author)  GASSYPOOTS3 years ago
It makes both green and blue.
Terranan3 years ago
for green fire, ive mixed boric acid (roach killer) and some methl alchohol. works well, but makes white smoke that im pretty sure is poisonous
akossoy (author)  Terranan3 years ago
interesting, i should try that, as for the white smoke, i think it is poisonous so ill keep that in mind!
FrozenIce3 years ago
Soo cool!!! definately a summer project.