This Instructable will tell you how to make a simple or complex design on a a piece of aluminum. With a hammer and a nail. The reason I made this was because this part of my wall was very plain and boring and it needed some air holes for the microwave so I made these. Really brings out the wall now.

Step 1: Getting All of the Supplies.

You will need a hammer, a nail (the size of the nail will determine the size of the hole), a board, a design you drew or got of the internet, some duct tape and a piece of aluminum (or copper).
it is very good thankssssssss
same thing in grade 3
I did something similar: put a piece of aluminum foil between two sheets of paper and feed through a dot matrix printer. Which will then hammer the glossy aluminum to a matter finish. This makes the foil brighter, thus creates a negative print.
In first grade we made these as little Christmas presents (our teacher was very craft-oriented). We chose little connect-the-dots patterns that wrapped around a soup can, then we filled the cans with water and froze them. The ice kept the can rigid so that we could poke holes with a hammer and nail, and then we decorated them and put tealights in the bottom for little luminaries. I still have it somewhere around here.
We did the same thing in grade 5. :-D
That looks sharp
Look up 'pie safe' for more designs and ideas. 'Tin' or tin plated steel works, too.
I've made these by using brass. Only difference being that I did not pierce the material. Just happen to like dents better than holes.
Neat. I remember doing something very similar (although not as complex) when I was younger. We used the ends off of those cylindrical juice concentrate containers and hung them on our Christmas tree.

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