Picture of How to make cool patterns on your rubiks cube
How to make crosses on all sides of your rubik's cube
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Step 1: Suff you need

Picture of Suff you need
You need...
A solved Rubik's cube
to be able to read
and hands

Step 2: What 2 do

Picture of What 2 do
Take your solved rubik's cube and turn the top and bottom side twice now turn the left and right side upwards 2 timesnow switch the side you are looking at from the front side to the left or right side and turn the sides 2 times in upwards and voila cool patterns on your rubik's cube.
lemonie6 years ago
Yes, but it's not that cool.
This is cool.

nebih lemonie4 years ago
that is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
dommy lemonie5 years ago
Now that is cool!
al95955 years ago
no offence but wat is the point in doing this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Why not?
Spycrab4 years ago
\idk how to follow that, but here's how I do it, may want to add it:

Turn each middle piece 180 degrees. By that I mean turn one middle piece 180, then the middle piece that intersects that 180, then go to the middle layer of the cube for the 3rd one.
Hope it helps, just couldn't understand it the way you put it. :)
killinme5 years ago


nice rubix art !
sora0056 years ago
simple anuf
lemonie6 years ago
Also, it looks like someone has peeled the stickers from that cube to 'solve' it..? L
sk8master (author)  lemonie6 years ago
my sister pulled all the stickers off and i had to print new ones off the internet on sticky paper