Introduction: How to Make Cool Shoes Out of Broken Fins

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Hi all,
This is my first Instructable and I hope you like it.
Last summer my dad bought me a pair of fins and I used them so much that they're broken. He wanted to discard them but I had a better destination for them.
Cool new shoes!!

Step 1: Pictures of How Badly I Abused Them.

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They're not only broken because I swam so much but also because I like to walk with them around the pool.

Step 2: Toes

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I had to check whether my toes don't come through.

Step 3: Cutting

Picture of Cutting

Cutting was to hard for me so my dad helped me out.

Step 4: Ready, Cool.

Picture of Ready, Cool.

Ready to use my new cool shoes.

Step 5: Me

Picture of Me

Me happy.

Ciao amigos.


fwjs28 (author)2008-12-03


Patrik (author)2008-06-16

Great picture! Diving fins wouldn't be my first choice of footwear - too much rubber, not enough breathability. Punching some air holes with a hole punch might makke a big difference though...

silver912targa (author)Patrik2008-06-16

Oh Yeah sure. But I'm so happy my daughter redirected me by showing what you can do with things you would just throw away. + The fact she could show people her creation makes her feel good. That's what I love about kids they are uncomplexed in their creations, and that's what a lot of us miss (especially in Portugal!!). We think to much in a dogmatic way, which does not encourage creativity. Sorry for my English, it's not my native language. Michel Portugal

Patrik (author)silver912targa2008-06-16

Congrats on having such a creative daughter. Did she take some of the pictures as well, considering both your hands are in many of them? PS: your English is excellent - far better than I've seen from some of the supposed native English speakers. Other than punctuation, I only noticed one error (step 3, "to hard" should be "too hard")!

silver912targa (author)Patrik2008-06-16

I was considering using "too" instead of "to" but don't know the difference between them. I'd rather approach a language with feeling and felt "too" was more appropriate but at the end I choose "to".

reedz (author)silver912targa2008-06-16

You can use "too" to show and excessiveness in something or to include something as in "I want to go too" "Two" of course is the number 2 And "to" is for everything else.

silver912targa (author)reedz2008-06-16

Right. So it's that simple. Thanks

mwwdesign (author)silver912targa2008-06-18

I too agree with the two examples of to and too too.

downgrade (author)mwwdesign2008-12-03

no to be confused with tutu

slayer_x911 (author)mwwdesign2008-08-13


reedz (author)silver912targa2008-06-16

Of course, it's better to know and accidently do it wrong than just be ignorant

Patrik (author)reedz2008-06-16

It's even better to do it wrong on porpoise...

reedz (author)Patrik2008-06-16

I love that...

GunsAndGloryFx (author)2008-07-31

These are so bad for your knees and back. Sandals and shoes have a minimum of 3 layers of foam padding inside, which give proper cushion and support to your feet, in turn helping your posture. Swim fins are not made for walking, and do not have the necessary padding. Wearing them for walking is guaranteed to do damage in time: I strongly recommend against using them as sandals.

Sure they're not comfortable for long strolls but this instructable is more to show people that you don't have to throw things away immediately. Take your time, ask your kids for a second opinion and you might be surprised how they look at things. My daughter knew I am crazy about and I wanted to show why I was hooked by helping making her 1st insable. Thanks all for your comments.

Glad you're making things. Father-Daughter projects are awesome. Wish my dad would have done projects with me. No harm intended.

Me too, that's why I'm so happy that I can do it now with my kid. Probably more to follow.

lnknprkfrk13 (author)2008-07-30

These look like the shoes the main character in Naruto wears.

holyfire (author)lnknprkfrk132008-07-31

main? u mean all the chars, main and otherwise. Yes, i was thinking that myself. =)

Damn they must have copied them!!

Labot2001 (author)2008-06-16

Very cool idea. Nice use of Repurpose. 4 stars. Awesome for a first ible.

Labot2001 (author)Labot20012008-06-16

(These are the new Crocs)

silver912targa (author)Labot20012008-06-20

Yeah right Crocs are out it's the "Fins" that are hot now!!

Labot2001 (author)silver912targa2008-06-20


masterochicken (author)2008-06-17

This is extremely practical.

Well to be honest, not really. The hard plastic on the soles make them quite slippery. despite the practical restrictions, I think they still look cool ;-) Thanks for all you positive reactions!!! Eleonora is prouder then ever. Michel

Valche (author)silver912targa2008-06-18

Do you think you could sand/groove the bottoms so that they have more traction?

silver912targa (author)Valche2008-06-18

Yes you can, but I don't think it would help as the type of plastic is hard like PE or Polypropylene and they both are slippery anyway.

Maarek (author)silver912targa2008-06-19

How about sticking those bathtub flowers on the bottom of them?

practical if you have no shoes and broken fins

Valche (author)2008-06-17

Wow, this is awesome! Great stuff, very cool :).

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