How to Make Cool Shoes Out of Broken Fins





Introduction: How to Make Cool Shoes Out of Broken Fins

Hi all,
This is my first Instructable and I hope you like it.
Last summer my dad bought me a pair of fins and I used them so much that they're broken. He wanted to discard them but I had a better destination for them.
Cool new shoes!!

Step 1: Pictures of How Badly I Abused Them.

They're not only broken because I swam so much but also because I like to walk with them around the pool.

Step 2: Toes

I had to check whether my toes don't come through.

Step 3: Cutting

Cutting was to hard for me so my dad helped me out.

Step 4: Ready, Cool.

Ready to use my new cool shoes.

Step 5: Me

Me happy.

Ciao amigos.



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    Great picture! Diving fins wouldn't be my first choice of footwear - too much rubber, not enough breathability. Punching some air holes with a hole punch might makke a big difference though...

    Oh Yeah sure. But I'm so happy my daughter redirected me by showing what you can do with things you would just throw away. + The fact she could show people her creation makes her feel good. That's what I love about kids they are uncomplexed in their creations, and that's what a lot of us miss (especially in Portugal!!). We think to much in a dogmatic way, which does not encourage creativity. Sorry for my English, it's not my native language. Michel Portugal

    Congrats on having such a creative daughter. Did she take some of the pictures as well, considering both your hands are in many of them? PS: your English is excellent - far better than I've seen from some of the supposed native English speakers. Other than punctuation, I only noticed one error (step 3, "to hard" should be "too hard")!

    I was considering using "too" instead of "to" but don't know the difference between them. I'd rather approach a language with feeling and felt "too" was more appropriate but at the end I choose "to".

    You can use "too" to show and excessiveness in something or to include something as in "I want to go too" "Two" of course is the number 2 And "to" is for everything else.

    I too agree with the two examples of to and too too.

    no to be confused with tutu