Making cured salmon at home (also called gravlax) is easy. Anyone can do it! All you need is a salmon, salt and sugar and time to let it sit. This is my family formula, it turns out very tasty. In the video I explain how to do it from the beginning to the end. Hope you try it and enjoy! 
That looks awesome. And gravlax is one of the coolest words ever. <br /> <br />Can you add an ingredients list to the text here? That'll keep the focus on technique and timing and prevent people from needing to pause the video to take notes.
i have a detailed description on my webpage: http://icookhealthy.com/how-to-make-cured-salmon-gravlax-at-home/ hope it works! most important 1 part of sugar 2 parts of salt...
thanks for your feedback! yes i can refer to the recipe, it's very simple to do.

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