Picture of How to make decorative wooden buoys
How to make decorative wooden buoys, which can be hung, or placed somewhere. I made these at TechShop San Francisco (www.techshop.ws). This could be a great classroom project.
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Step 1: Cut your wood

Picture of Cut your wood
photo 2.JPG
Cut your wood into blocks. You can use whatever size or wood you like, but I used one piece of 2" x 2" x 8' pine, which was only about $2, and I was able to make 24 buoys. 

Step 2: Drill holes

Picture of Drill holes
photo 4.JPG
Drill holes in the wood if you want to hang them. You can be as precise as you'd like, but I just eyeballed it. I used a drill press, but a hand drill will do just fine too. 

Step 3: Rough shape it

Picture of Rough shape it
Make two diagonal cuts near the top with a band saw

Step 4: Rough shape it more

Picture of Rough shape it more
Flip it and make 2 more diagonal cuts

Step 5: Sand them

Picture of Sand them
Sand them down to remove sharp edges. I used a belt sander, but you can sand by hand if you like.

Step 6: Paint them

Picture of Paint them
Paint them - I used acrylic paints, but you can use whatever you'd like. You can tie a string through the hole if you'd like to hang them. You're done!