Don't worry. These aren't real elephant ears. At least I think they're not. Your kids may not be so sure. :) The kids love these crispy treats, and today I will show you how to make them. 

Step 1:

The first thing you will need is shown in the first picture. Tortillas. Put the chosen amount of tortillas on a cookie sheet ( no parchment paper needed ) and spread them out. The next picture shows the other ingredients you will need for the elephant ears.
U have lucky kids
<p>I don't actually have kids. I'm 13, probably should have mentioned</p>
<p>Soooooo hungry for these</p>
These look delicious Claramecium!
This looks wonderful!
I can't believe how much you got them to puff up. I wonder if they would still puff if you cut them into triangle wedges. That way they could be finger food instead of plate food. My mouth is watering! Great work.
Thanks. :)
Yummers! I'd eat these as a snack :)

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