Picture of How to make diffused leds Free
Do you need diffused leds and dont have it but you only have clear leds? Well than I will show you how to make it easy and free
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Step 1: You Need

Picture of You Need
photo-28.03.13 13:00.jpg
You will need: -sand paper P 400 -The leds you wanted to diffuse

Step 2: Rub it

Picture of Rub it
Use the sandpaper to make it difused, its so easy! Just rub it on the sand paper to its diffused.Do it like the photo. Thanks for watching :D hope u liked it.
ashishalh made it!4 months ago

I made one :)


xsivejeff1 year ago
I got hand cramps sanding leds for a 3D cube. I found that inserting the led leads in a cordless drill and spinning them against sandpaper really speeds up the process. Just make sure that the led fits snug against the chuck. If you don't you run the risk of twisting up the leads. Using a keyless chuck only takes a tiny amount of turn to release the led and be ready to insert another.
kcvrokz1 year ago
yeah this works great ... thanx a lot