Works for any file upload website. It only takes a few extra minutes, and gets rid of download timers! All you need is two easy to use programs.

Step 1: Getting the Programs.

-First you will need to go to get (if you don't already have) Firefox. (Click [http://mozmirror01.true.nl/pub/mozilla.org//firefox/releases/ here] to download for windows)(or here for mac)
-Now you will need the "Tamper Data" extension. Which you can download here.

And thats all that you need. Now go to the next step.
<p>Hey buddy,</p><p>Thanks for the great article, your trick is now working for me, I am able to make direct download links for my newly created website <a href="http://hdwale.com/" rel="nofollow">http://hdwale.com/ </a>Thanks for your hard work.</p><p>Do I use temper data with Chrome browser?</p><p>Please guide me because my favorite browser is Chrome!</p><p>Regards,</p>
Illegal any?
I don't see why it would be, but if you are not comfortable doing it, then just don't do it.
Oh hell I have a 160 gig external HD sitting beside me with everything from Crysis on it to hannibal lecture trilogy, so no I'm totally comfortable. However, many file storage servers ask for money to get a direct link, which is usually only good for so much bandwidth too.
Two questions. First, will this work with data storage subscription sites, like Rapidshare? And second, and more importantly, can I do this on a Mac?
Okay, the answere to both of your questions is yes. On mac it is all the same because tamper data is working off the Firefox program. And for your other question, you just do the same thing, but look for the URL of the download link it looks something like this:

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