Step 2: THumbtack Time!!

Take your thumbtack or pin and poke a hole on the top and bottom of the egg. Make the one that the yolk and white a bit bigger than the one you will blow through.
Poly-flake guys, extra fine glitter. You can buy it anywere. <br><br>Sorry i vollentered at a Craft School once and I cringe at big fat normal glitter....p.p
UM I WOULD LIKE TO BE GOOD AT ENEYTHING (already good at drawing anime) <br>
or you could try stirafoem with a little bit of goo on the outside <br>
Very nice. Do you think that it would make any difference if I used that fine sand they sell at craft stores and whatnot instead of glitter? I also have a young sister who would love one of these, but she is just a baby and I don't want her breaking something this pretty, so is there a way to make it more dense?
Plastic easter eggs.<br />
You could use wooden eggs. You should be able to find them in a craft store.
fill it with wax.
...maybe if you fill it with hot glue first and it doesent matter if you use the fine sand
I don't think it would make a difference if you used the fine sand. To make it denser maybe you could put plaster of paris in it very carefully? I haven't tried it though so I don't know what would happen.
Thanks. <sup>_</sup> Keep makin' them eggs.<br/>
It's not too complicated, but it looks awesome.<br />
this is very creative. pretty 2!
Thank you :D
<a rel="nofollow" href="https://www.instructables.com/id/Make-a-gorgeous-Dragons-Egg/?commentflag=1201138387567#CNJ4RB6FBQX6X2X">This seems cool too!</a><br/>
I saw that. I think I might try making one.
Yeah, I think that when I make one, I'm going to do what he did, but I'm going to add the "glittery" effect like you did! I like your Instructables!
When you finish I'd love to see a picture of it. Thanks!
Pretty sparkles... oh so pretty! Nice work... :)
Sorry for the double post but, maybe kids would like their eggs like that, maybe you can call it a "Boiled Dragon Egg" I'm sure they would like that! :-) -Alex
Great idea, this could also be used for a Christmas ornament if you add in a hook or something, that would be sweet, nice job!
cool. how long does it take for the dragon to hatch?
: )
This is really cool, maybe you can add some food coloring too it to make it a little bit more colorful! -Alex
Thank you! Ooh yeah. I never thought of that. Or use more than one color of glitter.
maybe do like a brusho effect on the shells first?

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