How to Make Easy Lip Gloss





Introduction: How to Make Easy Lip Gloss

I have always looked for ways to make lip gloss, but I have never found any recipes that use ingredients found around the house. ( or last more than 3 days!) This is a recipe that Use less than 5 Ingredients, requires no "cooking", and is super quick! :)

Step 1: Supplies

1. Shortening
2.Icing coloring (or you could use food coloring)
Koolaid (for color and flavor)
Olive oil (makes the gloss more glossy!)

Small bowl (or cup)
Small quart size plastic bag
Rubber band

Step 2: Prepare the Shortening

This step is optional. Melt the shortening in the microwave until it is a liquid. Add some olive oil, (not to much) and stir. the shortening will cool and turn solid again, but the oil will make it more of a liquid. If you want, add some glitter!

Step 3: Color the Shortening

If you are using icing colors (which I recommend for the many colors possible), you will want to use toothpicks. Just poke the toothpicks in the color and swirl the toothpick around the shortening to colorize it. If you are using food color, put a few drops in the shortening and swirl with a toothpick.
You can mix colors to get the exact color you want. Keep in mind that the food color will really show up on your lips alot if you put enough!

Step 4: Add the Flavor!

To add flavor, use SUGAR FREE koolaid! if you use sugar, it will make the lip gloss turn in to a disgusting mess within a few weeks! Add a few drops of water to a pinch koolaid and stir (with a toothpick) then add a few drops of the flavor to your lip gloss. Dont over do it! You can also add vanilla as a flavoring!

Step 5: Bag the Lip Gloss

Put the bag around a cup and spoon your lipgloss into the bag. squeeze it all to a corner of the bag and tie a rubber band around it. Snip the corner. Poof! you have made a quick and easy lip gloss!



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    I'll make my comment simple, WOAH AWESOME!

    Use Kool aid for coloring

    how much for the whole thing

    What kind of sparkles do you use? Like craft sparkles or cake decorating sparkles? And where can you find lip gloss containers?

    how much olive oil?

    How do you save the lipgloss? can you put it in a container or something???

    sorry but... whats shortening? im not US so i dont know

    3 replies

    Look for "Crisco." It's perfect when I use it.

    Its kinda like butter for cooking exept it has less salt

    I used vegetable shortening. Shortening is a hydrogenated oil that at room temperature is the consistency of petroleum jelly. You can substitute it with lard or petroleum jelly

    Can you use cordial or something else besides Koolaid and Vanilla Escense to flavour it?

    1 reply

    Yes, you can use honey, as well. (I personally recommend using both honey and vanilla essence together. It's beautiful. :) )

    I don't use food colouring, personally, for my lip gloss. It doesn't mix well. Besides, as logn as you put in the Kool-Aid, it gets some good colour to it (goes on clear, though.)

    I have never tried but I imagine so.

    How much shortening and olive oil do you use? And when it comes out of the microwave, is it supposed to look white or clear? Please respond soon!

    1 reply

    I've done this several times. Just scoop some out with a regular spoon. I used Crisco (every time- looks great), and I nuke it in the microwave for 30 seconds to a full minute so it's completely melted. Just pour in a small amount of olive oil (it's works fine without, though. Nice feel and effect.) Also, you can put in a bag or tub even when it's still a liquid. It hardens smoother when you pour it in as a liquid.

    wow cool! but can the petroleum jelly, can that just be jelly crystals without the colour??

    1 reply

    Hmmm..... I dont quite know what 'jelly crystals' are, sorry :(