I have always looked for ways to make lip gloss, but I have never found any recipes that use ingredients found around the house. ( or last more than 3 days!) This is a recipe that Use less than 5 Ingredients, requires no "cooking", and is super quick! :)

Step 1: Supplies

Picture of Supplies
1. Shortening
2.Icing coloring (or you could use food coloring)
Koolaid (for color and flavor)
Olive oil (makes the gloss more glossy!)

Small bowl (or cup)
Small quart size plastic bag
Rubber band
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Can u use eyeshadow or lipstick instead of food colouring or icing?

Use Kool aid for coloring

ahaycox1 year ago
how much for the whole thing
What kind of sparkles do you use? Like craft sparkles or cake decorating sparkles? And where can you find lip gloss containers?
luelue012 years ago
how much olive oil?
malibini3 years ago
How do you save the lipgloss? can you put it in a container or something???
thecrafto4 years ago
sorry but... whats shortening? im not US so i dont know
Look for "Crisco." It's perfect when I use it.
Its kinda like butter for cooking exept it has less salt
got2betoast (author)  thecrafto4 years ago
I used vegetable shortening. Shortening is a hydrogenated oil that at room temperature is the consistency of petroleum jelly. You can substitute it with lard or petroleum jelly
Can you use cordial or something else besides Koolaid and Vanilla Escense to flavour it?
Yes, you can use honey, as well. (I personally recommend using both honey and vanilla essence together. It's beautiful. :) )
For the coloring could you use gel food coloring?
I don't use food colouring, personally, for my lip gloss. It doesn't mix well. Besides, as logn as you put in the Kool-Aid, it gets some good colour to it (goes on clear, though.)
I have never tried but I imagine so.
littlebug143 years ago
How much shortening and olive oil do you use? And when it comes out of the microwave, is it supposed to look white or clear? Please respond soon!
I've done this several times. Just scoop some out with a regular spoon. I used Crisco (every time- looks great), and I nuke it in the microwave for 30 seconds to a full minute so it's completely melted. Just pour in a small amount of olive oil (it's works fine without, though. Nice feel and effect.) Also, you can put in a bag or tub even when it's still a liquid. It hardens smoother when you pour it in as a liquid.
wow cool! but can the petroleum jelly, can that just be jelly crystals without the colour??
got2betoast (author)  taylorcatherine;3 years ago
Hmmm..... I dont quite know what 'jelly crystals' are, sorry :(
Jelly crystals are like jellotine i guess, i saw it on this show. But thx anyway:)
Can you use cordial or something else besides Koolaid and Vanilla Escense to flavour it?
got2betoast (author)  maddiespolyvore3 years ago
You can use any concentrated flavor to flavor it, just try and use something not water based, it does not mix with shortening well.
Can you use cordial or something else besides Koolaid and Vanilla Escense to flavour it?
Can you use cordial or something else besides Koolaid and Vanilla Escense to flavour it?
Can you use cordial for Koolaid? Because I dont know where any Koolaid is. If you cant, what's something that smells nice and edible and non-toxic that we can put into it. Thankyou and please answer. This is for school. Even though im 45. got kept down. bye
Where can you get icing coloring, what type of sparkles work he best, and where can you get different containers for this? ( i ask alot of questions )
got2betoast (author)  freakinsmurfy3 years ago
Icing coloring I normally purchase from art stores like michaels. For the sparkles, it's your preference but I prefer really fine tiny glitter. And you can buy the containers at craft stores.
Miss Peeper5 years ago
How about decorating a used film canister (those little plastic cans 35mm film comes in) and putting your lipgloss in there? It snaps shut so you won't end up with a purse full of lip gloss. 
got2betoast (author)  Miss Peeper5 years ago
Thats a good idea, i have tried many things to store it in, and a film canister may work, but what works best, though you would probably have to take a trip to a craft store, is lip gloss containers,( i get mine at joann)
what do the lipgloss containers look like
got2betoast (author)  freakinsmurfy3 years ago
They are normally clear and cylinder shaped and short
can u use lard?
yah. see got2betoast's comment above
thecrafto4 years ago
thanks i needed that
is there anything besides icing colors? like.. i dont know.. i was thinking of food coloring but i dont have that, or like fruit i guess?
sorry to ask questions, another thing, i dont have koolaid.. sorry, we dont drink them anymore
got2betoast (author)  BluStrawberryBaby5 years ago
You can buy cheap packets of koolaid almost any where, i think even the dollar store.
got2betoast (author)  BluStrawberryBaby5 years ago
Food coloring works fine, but icing color and food color are really the only choices you have, i've tried fruit, doesn't work so well.
Can i use vegetable oil instead of olive oil?
This is an awesome simple instructables   
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