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Introduction: How to Make Easy Money on Runescape

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This is probably the easiest  way to make money on Runescape.

Step 1: The First Step

The first thing you need to do is buy 13 buckets a grand exchange. Then fill the buckets with water.

Step 2: The Clay

After the buckets are filled with water you need to buy or mine clay,not soft clay. You will need 13 also. These can also be bought at the grand exchange.Must by for full price.

Step 3: The Mix

Once you have 13 of each you can mix them to getter and make soft clay.

Step 4: The Money

Finaly sell your finished product at the grand exchange, but it has to be sold for lowest price. The 13 soft clays will sell for double of what you spent. Repeat steps until rich.

Also i cant take credit for this idea, give the credit to purerange9ka.



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    Check out how to become a runescape billionaire!

    You can check out how I made enough to afford a phat here

    actually ive made a lot of money off of some armor that used for a while and made about 1m

    My method is simpler; I just head to the exchange, cut down the nearby trees and fill up my inventory then bulk sell them at the lowest price. It's usually around 26 gold each and I usually make around 2-3 thousand I think..... All you need is something to cut down the trees. And there's always someone at the exchange buying wood to light fires with to up their firemaking skill so they go like that *clicks fingers*. That way I don't need to do a lot of running around the place to gather stuff and then running back to sell it. Y'know? But it's sort of catching on. I've seen two or three other people pulling the same stunts lately. And although I still manage to sell my products, they kinda get in the way which blows.....But yeah I've got over $50000 and I'm a very casual gamer. In fact I just checked my account and it's 77 thousand after this last run (which I scored around 2200 gold in). :D
    and I'm sweeety969

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    Easiest way to make money is merch. Merching can also cause you a lot of risks. Never leave a merch on over night. Always watch yoru merch.

    And this is how you merch.
    (Open notepad to write all your prices down)
    Buy the item for Highest, Copy the price down on notepad
    Sell the item for lowest, copy the price down on notepad
    Now you have your buy/sell price. What you do is buy the item for the price you sold your item, and sell it for the price you bought it. simple eh?

    Pm me if you need help ingame - Excellion

    actually u can take 14 of each 14 not 13 of each

    i have a much better way of making mills on runescape in the grand exchange a law rune can be bought for 200gp a zamorak whine can be sold for 1.2k raise your mage level untill you can use the tele-grab spell buy 30 law runes and other neccesary runes to use the telegrab spell 30 times go to the zamorac chaos temple west of edge vill and enter the temple use the telegrab on the wine,.................. and nothing the monks will not go after you if the wine is grabed with telekenetic grab, just wait about 30 seconds and the wine will respawn do this untill your invo is full then sell the wine buy more laws and do it over and over you will earn 1k per law rune bought apx happy earning

    I learned this from my friend. I made my first 100k with this method, and then turned tat into 900k by using the money to by and sell law runes

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    So you probably agree that this is one of the easiest ways to make money?

    Realized I didn't fully explain the bracelet of clay.  It will let you mine 28 soft clay, instead of just clay.

    My opinion is informed; look me up in the high scores.  :)

    where do you get the bracelet of clay??

    It's a members-only item; they're currently going for 1291 gold on the Grand Exchange, and are on an upward trend.

    oh im non member but im going to be during the summer! I bought a uncut sapphire for 1k and it sold for 15k!!! what a good deal

    it may be the easiest, but not the best

    I think it's even easier if you use an enchanted sapphire bracer, also known as a Bracelet of Clay.  As of 11/29/09, they go for 637 on the Grand Exchange, and the savings in time (filling buckets, mixing with clay, banking) more than offset the cost.

    I started up two or three accounts using this method.  One friend tried to convince me to sell this wine at the Grand exchange, but I went looking for other methods, and today I haven't found better, easy, and faster method than clay selling.  It doubles your money every time.  Once you have sold at least 1 soft caly you can buy the regular clay at the exchange.  So much faster and in such larger quantities.