Picture of How to make easy-to-use chinese chopsticks
Give a general description of the Instructablehis instructable I will show you hot make really cool and easy to use chinese chopsticks...

Step 1: Parts an tools you will need

Picture of Parts an tools you will need
Here are all the parts and tools you will need...

- an axe
- electritians tape (color of your choice)
- scissors

- peg
- a branch
bears04 years ago
its not hard. you just have to practice. hold it in different ways until you find the most comfortable and easy to use spot, memorize it and use the same spot every time.
Rimwulf4 years ago
Good idea, but why didn't you use chopsticks? This looks like a crude form of a clothes pin or maybe pliers the top part is suppose to to be the part closed while the part that touches the food is naturally open and ready.
NineOs (author) 6 years ago
This is just for fun, guys haha... =D
Udon6 years ago
Practice safe eating children.....use condiments. Kakakakakakaka.
Udon6 years ago
I dunno huh. If you can't use chopsticks, then maybe you need other people to feed you. To have to use trainer-chopsticks means you'd need some serious hand/eye co-ordination issues. It's true that using chopsticks well takes skill, but I dunno if this is a very safe way to eat. Wouldn't the peg-metal-thingy shoot off after a while?
t3hj4p6 years ago
ha ha try to use that on a grain of steamed rice and youll split it in half xP
Or tofu
oh god. i am japanese and even for me its sometimes difficult to pick up boiled tofu -__-;;; this would just devastate in all ways and means the poor tofu :P
starwing1236 years ago
Just learn to use real chopsticks, it's not that hard to learn. The instructions on the packaging just make it look hard