How to Make Electrical Sandglass





Introduction: How to Make Electrical Sandglass

Hey, this is the electrical sandglass we want to make, it not shows the time as perfect as a clock,although it is of no actually use for showing time, just for fun, for electronics nerds :).

Step 1: Buy the Pcb and Components

1. We buy some PCBs(here I recommend SysPCB Shenzhen China, fast prototyping service) and components from internet. You can design the PCB by yourself or ask it from PCB layout company, component can source from digikey or mouser or somewhere else.

Step 2: Assemble the Components( IC LEDs and Other Electrical Parts) on PCB

We do the assembly on PCB, some components like LEDs you can solder by your self. For IC, resistor,capacity, better find a an assembly house to do it for quality consideration

Step 3: Assembly Two Main Parts Together

We assembly the two main parts together, they are connected by PCB connector. Simply press them will finish this step.

Step 4: Overview of the Device

we finished the assembly, here is the overview of our electrical sandglass.

Step 5: Enjoy the Fun Please

Plug into the socket, we see the performance, it works great. Wanna try it your self?



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I'd love to see your schematic and code for this!

Hi, Tomato, the files are too big, send private message to me, I will forward them to you.