Introduction: Emp/ Network Jammer From 12v Car Ionizer !!! Under 5$

Picture of Emp/ Network Jammer From 12v Car Ionizer !!! Under 5$

Hey its possible to build an emp jammer from 12 v car ionizer

emp jammer is a device that can intrrupt the normal working of any electronic device when emp jammer is placed nearby

if you want to see how it works see these videos

Step 1: Step by Step Video

go chck out step by step how to make emp jammer video


d-bunk (author)2017-01-27

Where is the point of this instructable? Just make us click somwhere else outside of I don't think, this is good style!

GeekS (author)2015-12-07

your newer one states that it 'destroys' electronics, but this one says it it 'inturrupt' them. Did that come as a side effect of other improvements? Or was it an intentional change? Does this one permanently destroy electronics like regular EMP?

Railes (author)2014-06-11

devices like this are static damping. not emp devices.
the device radiates all sorts of ionized particles. these will cause small static discharges across the circuit causing all sorts of problems. this is due to high voltage being created in parts that are designed to operate at much lower frequencies.

Kedar Nimbalkar (author)2014-05-25

see my video.

madmadmal (author)2014-05-25

This seems similar to a Tesla coil more than anything else. Can you elaborate on why you called an EMP jammer?

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