Works with knex guns too!
<p>&quot;This video does not exist.&quot;!!!</p>
<p>Flagged as incomplete because video is missing.</p>
video didn't work.... :(
say private video... why???
problem bro <br> <br>explosives are illegal without permits and the second thing is that youre loading primer into an airgun. (pressure could destroy gun, property, your face, etc.)
Gotta try this... Could I use Krazy glue to set the explosive more securely?
I would suggest you wet the powder before you remove it, to stop unintended detonation. It would be easier ( and safer ) to load the pellets with a paste.
Is this even your video? I have seen this several times before...
Outstanding. Very clear, really like the simple text instructions overlaid into the video.
thanks,i also have another video on frag guns!

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