1st April is near so I though to publish this. I used to make these when I was about 10. It wont use any softwares and it doesn't need any programming skills. So, let's get started 

Step 1: Making It

To get started, open notepad and copy in the following code:


You can use your own message and title of the error

After copying this, save it as a 'vbs' file

When you open the vbs file, you will get an error message.
<p>You could also put these in multiple lines and create error message after error message. Pretty funny stuff!</p>
<p>oops! I meant does it work on Mac?</p>
<p>Sorry</p><p>Never tried</p>
<p>got my vote!!!!!!</p>
<p>good still!!!</p>
<p>cool!</p><p>does it workman Mac?</p>
so doing this prank
<p>Great prank!</p>

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