How to make firefox look amazing and cool for free........ The Sequil

Picture of How to make firefox look amazing and cool for free........ The Sequil
Hello everyone. This instructable is a smaller sequil to My first firefox instructable which is one of the most popular firefox how to on the web. Today I will introduce you to three :( new and cool add ons for firefox. If you do not have firefox please click Here And let us begin!!!

Step 1: Vista....Nope.......Firefox all in one sidebar........Yes

Picture of Vista....Nope.......Firefox all in one sidebar........Yes
This sidebar is ideal for people who want to be lazy or are cool or stuff like that....This sidebar contans a display bookmarks icon, history icon, download icon, display themes and extentions icon, view page source icon, and a display extensive info about a web page icon. This sidebar can sometimes get annoying but it is helpful and useful. Find the sidebar Here
vtheawesome4 years ago
it said invalid flash hash when i downloaded it please help
King8256 years ago
Personally, I don't like google chrome. I-I just can't live without my precious addons... maybe someday.
King8256 years ago
You are missing a LOT. WOT, stumble, cooliris, speed dial, ad block plus, a nifty calculator for the bottom, stylish, and that's just a bit of what I think EVERY firefox should have.
robots199 (author)  King8256 years ago
Do you want to collaborate. I have not touched this instructable since I started using google chrome. If you wish to collaborate, I would be willing. PM me if any questions occur.
Decepticon6 years ago
Sequel! Sequel! Use the spellchecker! It will make your 'ables that much better!
robots199 (author)  Decepticon6 years ago
No spell check for the title
do you know when the Mario theme will be posted
robots199 (author)  discovery man216 years ago
try some googling
J_SCAP7 years ago
the first picture is the skin i use yay someone else uses the skin i use yay
robots199 (author)  J_SCAP7 years ago
The redshift V2 theme is my favorite theme in the world! Thank you on commenting on the ttheme
i use redshift V3
robots199 (author)  Wafflicious6 years ago
I use Chrome now post the address
robots199 (author)  Wafflicious6 years ago
I use a different browser. please post the link for the theme
could i get the black and red theme from steps 1-2
yes. look at the first one
codykage7 years ago
pimpzilla with Stop! hammer time. lol :) fasterfox ftw
Noodle937 years ago
macfoxIIgraphite w/ Stop! Hammertime plugin or GTFO. This stuff is really old.
jonnyboy3237 years ago
How do you get the mario theme to work? Please Help! I absolutely love mario
robots199 (author)  jonnyboy3237 years ago
The mario theme is being worked on.... There are some current bugs so I will repost the real site as soon as I can.Thank you very much... If you have any other questions pm me
robots199 (author) 7 years ago
Reply to hondagofast ...... Some people in this world dont know how to do this!!!!!!!!!! SO please be generous to other PEOPLE!!!!!!!
havanacus7 years ago
I've been using the Mario theme for much to long now... time for a change...
hondagofast7 years ago
I figured out how to do all of this years ago. Too bad half this stuff won't work on a 366MHz laptop. :P