How to make firefox look amazing and cool for free........ The Sequil

Hello everyone. This instructable is a smaller sequil to My first firefox instructable which is one of the most popular firefox how to on the web. Today I will introduce you to three :( new and cool add ons for firefox. If you do not have firefox please click Here And let us begin!!!
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Step 2: Take my camrea.......... Piclens photo viewer

Picture of Take my camrea.......... Piclens photo viewer
Piclens is a photo viewer that turns your whole screen into a huge slideshow of the images on the page. Some supported sites are google photo, flicker, and yahoo photos. It is an amazing add on. You can find it Here

Step 3: Its me......Mario!!!!!!

Picture of Its me......Mario!!!!!!
The mario theme is a resemblance of the clasic mario game and is a must have theme for every one find it There are many bugs and the theme is not yet available.The reason I have this theme is that I am a Mozilla beta tester. I will post it as soon as I can...Thank you all

Step 4: Get Colorfull!

There are also many other themes and add-ons! Some themes that I ( Fizzxwizz) Prefer, are;

* or in blue!
*Bloody Red

*Blue Fox

*Green Fox

*Orange Fox

*Pink Fox
(From bloody red to Pink fox are all from the same creator!)
There are also many add-ons that are useful! Such as;

AdBlock Plus ( Ad Blocker)

Dictionary Search ( Adds the dictionary search button in the right click menu)

Download Statusbar (View and manage downloads from a tidy statusbar - without the download window getting in the way of your web browsing. )

Fire F.M (Adds taskbar for listening to free radio)

Foxtab ( view your tabs in 3D!)

Opinioncloud (summarizes comments for youtube videos and displays them)