How to Make Fishing Bobbers on the Cheap


Introduction: How to Make Fishing Bobbers on the Cheap

How to make fishing bobbers out of plastic packing foam.



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    That poor table.
    Great idea though, I wonder if threading the line through with a large needle would give the friction needed to slip rig it.

    I like this, it's one of those "Why didn't I think of that" things, I will make some of these with my grandson when we go fishing, and he does love to fish. Thanks.

    If you loop your line through the top hole to the next then go back through the top and through the second again then continue down it should be easily adjustable. Love the ible. Love recycling and cheap especially. This will come in handy for some relatives who always seem to "lose"....get my bobbers stuck in trees.....they get these from now on.

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    Thanks for the tip - and glad I could help. Happy New Year!