What's the 10 feet of paracord going to do for me in a survival situation? Well what if you could turn that 10 feet into 80 ft., or even 200 feet. Well you can. Using the inner strands of your paracord and a simple knot this is achievable. 

A "Bend knot" is a type of knot that is used to join to loose cords, ropes, or strings together. Since my profile is all about using paracord, I use bend knots when I need to tie the inner strands of my 550 cord together to make longer lengths of cord. A 10 foot length of cord which comes from your bracelet can turn into 80 feet at 50 lb. test, and over 200 at 10 lb. test. Things like fishing, building shelters, sewing and much more become much easier.

Check out more knot and paracord tutorials here: www.paravival.com/how-tos

Step 1: Deploying your gear.

Unravel your paracord gear. Whether it's a bracelet, belt, lanyard or watch, unravel it so your paracord can be used. 
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Nice work man
Ah, I had heard of someone using the paracord strands as floss for embroidery too...any idea of a good repurposing of the shell?
Hey there thanks for the comment. Theres hundreds of uses for both the inner strands and the &quot;sheath&quot; or &quot;shell&quot; if you will. One thing you can do is make traps for hunting. If you go to my profile I have an Instructable showing how to make a spring loaded deadfall trap using the sheath. But again there's hundreds of things. Pulling food up into trees to avoid bears, strapping down tents, lowering gear down ledges, building shelters, traps, and much more. <br> <br>Thanks for the comment!