How to Make Flowers in Foamy





Introduction: How to Make Flowers in Foamy

To make artificial flowers you will need a multicolor peaces of foamy; white glue; super glue; aniline; alcohol; wire; tape for flowers; etc

I will show pictures of the steps:

1 - cutting the flowers and leaves;
2 - painting it (you can paint with aniline or with acrylic paint;
3 - them need to glue the wire on the back of the leaves and let it to dry;
4 - them put the peaces together and to arrange it in a vase;

Please have a look on the pictures attached




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    Hi. How do you call in English the metal molds used to crimp the petals and leaves? Where do I find them in the US? Thanks.

    Is there going to be an instructable about this? I'd love to know how to actually do this, but your photos don't really make much sense without text explaining what's going on in them. While this looks very interesting, for the moment it's just a bunch of semi-random photos that might or might not have much to do with this.

    Tell us more, this looks fabulous!

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    I will do it latter on today mslaynie! THANKS to looking anyway!!!!!

    Please put the ible on here. I'm so excited.

    Fantastic!! The photos of finished flowers looked amazing! Then I did some google searching to see if I could find info on making flowers from this stuff, and could only find kids' crafts which looked nothing like yours.

    I NEED THE INFO!! *giggles*

    Hi dear

    Foamy is also know as EVA Rubber; I am attaching an image here as example
    The EVA rubber is a blend of high technology Ethyl, Vinyl and Acetate, non-toxic and is applied in various craft activities. I use EVA rubber 2 and 4 mm for make my flowers.




    This flowers have a natural felling and it can be made for house decorations; weddings; parties in general; all kind of events