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Have you ever wanted to own your very own Master Chief Halo Spartan armor, or any other armor for that matter? Well look no further as you can make it yourself! For this project we will use 10mm foam floor mats and 2mm crafting foam. You will need a hot glue gun to stick your shapes together.
If you need materials, tools, tutorial videos and more pictures be sure to visit

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Step 1: Get Your Armor Files

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The first thing you will need are some .pdo files of the armor you wish to make for use with a program called Pepakura Designer that you can find as a free download online.
A good place to look for armor files is or wikia costuming (do a google search)
You will also need lots of reference pictures or a detailed model of what you are making, you can find those on the wikia site too, in case you don't own the game.

Step 2: Make Your Patterns

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For this step you will need to do a little math as the Halo spartan is 7' tall! Figure out your size compared to 7' and reduce the scale by that amount. Then print your shapes and tape them together where you dont want a seam. If you want to skip this step you can find the patterns for the suit pictured here:

Step 3: Cut Out Your Foam

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Cut out your patterns in the 10mm foam and glue them together with hotglue. You can use the 3mm foam for bass relief details and a wood burning kit for other detailing. For best results use a hobby crafting hotknife attachment and also seal the foam with heat first.

Step 4: Paint Your Armor

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Once assembled you can paint your armor with Plastidip spray paint, 2 coats should do, then a primer and finally your chosen colors. Highlight details black for valleys and drybrush silver for a metalic look.

Step 5: Show Off Your New Armor

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Impress your friends, scare small kids, whatever suits your fancy.
Remember to visit if you need materials, tools or tutorial videos.


jgdabble (author)2014-06-07

I doubt that anyone here knows what Half-Life is, or who Gordon Freeman is, but do you know where I could get a template for his H.E.V. bio-hazard suit armor? This is a good method for making armor. look it up if you don't know.

MatthewN32 (author)jgdabble2017-05-09

Fam, I would have flood over headcrabs, any day

TerrorKitties (author)jgdabble2015-11-19

that would be awesome!

SharpProps (author)jgdabble2014-06-18

Everyone knows Half-Life.

wwade7401 (author)2017-01-22

How do you take it off though is my only question?

XxHeadHunterxX (author)2016-10-25

hope this will tern out well

Leeisacoolkid (author)2016-03-09

Can you please post the templates for the right arm arm?

Leeisacoolkid (author)2016-03-09

Can you please post the templates for the right arm arm?

Leeisacoolkid (author)2016-03-09

Can you please post the templates for the right arm arm?

Slimy the Slime (author)2016-02-09

sir I know what half life is

ellisgrace (author)2015-10-22

cool could someone make a odst armor or something and upload it I would like to try and make one for an art project

Duct-Tape-Master (author)2013-08-23

For scaling, take your height, add 4-6" to it for room, then divide that by 86,take that and multiply it by the current scale=scaled to you!

DawnT10 (author)Duct-Tape-Master2015-09-24

Thanks, this is probably the most helpful comment I have seen so far!

blackholeseeker (author)2015-09-15

You have a great idea. maybe next time as a challenge you can make ODST armor with foam

the armor guy (author)2014-03-17

heres my suit of armor design

how do you put that on and walk around

Dannyftm (author)2014-08-24

I am wondering how you printed it out so that the template pieces were bigger. I printed the helmet and it came out really small.

Taytora (author)2014-07-07

Awesome outfit! The Squidoo link (near the top) is now dead. Curious if that's your Squidoo page that it links to and if it's going to be fixed....viewed it once and really wanted to go through all the material again before starting my outfit! Thanks

Green X (author)2014-05-06


the armor guy (author)2014-03-17

how many pads of foam would i need to make a full suit of armor without a gun???

Duct-Tape-Master (author)2013-11-02


stratisfire (author)2012-09-07

how many foam pads would you think i would need if i just want to make the helmet and a gun? preferably the assault rifle.

Master-Chief (author)stratisfire2012-09-08

3 foam mats should do, here is a link to a the 12 pack on amazon that I would buy for a full suit:
CHARCOAL GRAY 48 SQFT / 4.46 m2 (12 tiles plus borders) We Sell Mats Anti-Fatigue Interlocking EVA Foam Exercise Gym Flooring EVA Mat
You might be able to find a 4 or 6 pack too.

nissan0712 (author)Master-Chief2013-10-31

Harbor Freight stores sell the anti fatigue mats at around 4 mats for $8 bucks.

Duct-Tape-Master (author)2013-10-13

This is my try at it (not finished!) :)

That armor looks good for your first try. The more stuff you make the better you get.

futeng (author)2011-06-24

How much did this hole costume cost?

Master-Chief (author)futeng2011-06-24

Around $300 and that included a new gluegun and heatgun. If you shop around for materials you could spend less, maybe $200 or so.

hrodriguez7 (author)Master-Chief2011-09-22

I CANT PAY $300 BUCKS FOR THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

hrodriguez7 (author)hrodriguez72011-09-23

could you use cardboard?
I think its much cheaper since i can get it free at COSCO

albhednomad (author)hrodriguez72011-10-04

You can use any material. Most people I've seen that make halo armor use cardstock paper and harden it with fiberglass and resin. Use what you can get and what you have. Just dropping my $0.02

How much is resin?

I'll be honest, I don't personally know. I've seen it for $20 at home depot before.

DHeigh (author)hrodriguez72013-03-10

Cardboard can work, BUT it takes a lot more work to make it look half-way good. Smooth curves with corrugate cardboard can be real hard, strengthening poster board is complicated.
I found fiberglass to be too much trouble. It frays and can leave spikes that need to be removed: sanding causes toxic resin dust and dangerous glass dust.
Use denim instead. It's strong enough and porus enough to work.

DHeigh (author)hrodriguez72013-03-10

Spread that over 2 yrs. Buy just enough faom for the next part of the suit you will make. $50 for startup stuff: hotglue gun, gluesticks, exacto knife, etc; then 1 set of foam, <$50, gets rightside upper and lower leg done. Then another $50 gets the left done, etc.

spyman3000 (author)2013-10-12

I dont know the master cheif patterns plz help

BrandonSpecOps12 (author)2013-09-24

I can't fricken download it!!!

JimiandBrandon (author)2013-09-06

how much for you to vuild a suit for me...I'll pay for material shipping and labor

kicksledkid (author)2013-08-27

hey, just wondering what works best to use as an under-layer?

Duct-Tape-Master (author)2013-08-23

Ok, noob question-what is the visor made of?!?!?!? I need an anwser soon because I am making a mc costme this year (2013)

It is a motorcycle helmet visor and you can order them online. This one is tinted gold.

double layer lens

Duct-Tape-Master (author)2013-08-23

Where did you get/make the shot gun?!?!?!?!

Anonbonbon (author)2011-06-16

can you fiberglass the foam if you want a "stiffer" armor? Or does that mess up the details the foam creates?

Master-Chief (author)Anonbonbon2011-06-16

I believe you can resin the foam, although I don't think it is needed. Once formed into the smaller armor parts the foam is fairly rigid and once coated in plastidip it becomes very durable. You can double the foam in many areas where you want less flex. Hope this helps

Anonbonbon (author)Master-Chief2011-06-16

I guess stiffer wasn't a very good description of what I mean't, but thanks anyway.

Master-Chief (author)Anonbonbon2011-06-17

I would test the fiberglass resin on a scrap piece of foam first, both before and after plasti-dip. Are you thinking of using resin instead of plasti-dip? If so let me know how that works out.

WARNING-fiberglass, resin, and plastidip are TOXIC- read warnings and wear a mask for protection!

Duct-Tape-Master (author)2013-08-23

ERMYGERD this is cool!!! XD

(it took me 2 DAYS to make a bicep-tricep and it still looks terrible ;( )

pikazzu (author)2013-08-16

which color did you use,there are a lot of green and where did you buy it?

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