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This instructable teaches you how to make foam characters. I made these characters for a school project that I'm doing and they are based off of video games.

Step 1: Materials

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 Things you'll need:

-Colored craft foam (if possible, get the foam with the sticky back)
-Hole punch
-2-sided tape (if you can't get sticky back foam)
poofrabbit3 years ago
You know what might be cool, if you make a basic form for a body. Then your clothing act more like a paper doll (action figure) you could easily make it so the figure would slide in and out, could be so much fun for kids of all ages to play with. Nice work!
This looks like a good start, but you might get a note from the Instructables people at some point to say that it's incomplete. You really ought to include something of the finished article.

That said it is really creative and I'm sure people will find it really inspirational.

Thanks for sharing your project.
This is really cute!