How to Make Foot Thongs





Introduction: How to Make Foot Thongs

This is a really cool project for people who wear no shoes during summer. they're really easy to make, take a little time (about an hour of less), and are lots of fun, but for the time they take, they're well worth it. You can make many of them and they're really cheap. This is my first instructable so hang in there! oh, and i apologize on the lack of pictures, my digital camera stopped working after step 2, so im sorry. (that damn camera battery) i hope you like it!!!!! happy beading!!!

Step 1: What You Need...

hmmm... these are the basics, but you can always modify it to the materials you have. here are the basics... (oh by the way, these can be in any color. I love the greens and blues so i always make mine in those colors) *note: these aproxximate amounts are for 2 of these. (one for each foot... duhhhh)

~ about 200m delica or good quality seed beads

~ about 220 large seed beads (or "E" beads)

~ 4 larger beads (these will be mostly for decoration, so you don't need them, but they look good)

~ 2 large beads (these are the ones that really make the jewelry, so make sure they're pretty)

~ 48" of clear elastic string (it doesn't have to be clear, but usually elastics that are not clear tend to fray and nothing is harder to bead seed beads on. Also, make sure when you're buying your string that it is acually small enough for your seed beads to fit on.)


~ clear nail polish

Step 2: Stringing... #1

Cut the 48" piece of elastic in half. Do the math... and if you can't figure it out, hire a 3 year old to do it. save the 24" that you are not using for later... that will be used for the other foot. "Fold" the 24" strand in half. then string 48 small seed beads on the loop.

Step 3: 2 Large

Next hold both ends of the elastic together as one and string 2 large seed beads on and slide them up to the loop.

Step 4: The Biggie

Now, still holding the 2 strings together as one, string your big bead on.

Step 5: 2 Large

And STILL holding the 2 strings together as one, string on yet again 2 more large seed beads.

Step 6: To Finally Seperate!!!!

Finally seperate the 2 strands. on each strand, bead on 11 seed beads.

Step 7: Decor

Then on each strand string on one of the decorative larger beads. like i said, they're mostly decorative, not really that important, you can leave them out if you want.

Step 8: More Seed Beads

next, on each strand, string 11 more seed beads.

Step 9: Take Awhile... But Well Worth It!

this might take awhile, but its very easy when you get the hang of it. string 48 large seed (e beads) beads on each strand. then knot them together about 5 times. put clear nail polish on the knot to seal it.

TAHHHDAHHH! you have one foot thong! fun, huh?! now do another!!! HAPPY BEADING!!!!



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These are great and can go with almost any outfit. Thanks for the instructions! Here is one that I made.


I know a person and she just keeps making them so i was interested in making them. she uses blue-pinks-greens-purples and most of them have silver wire.

i found a way to make them out of hemp... pics comin soon....

this is very cute, I've seen a similar one on the show jewelry making on the DIY channel

lol a foot thong i guss a regular onis isint good enough

is it my monitor, your camera, or are your feet really purple? BTW nice Instructable

lol, I hope my feet aren't purple! 'Checks feet' Nope! I'm happy to say they're not purple!

sorry, I forgot the link in the first comment. altho the pattern is different from these, the idea is the same. They are also very easy to make in macrame. I made oodles of these 2 summers ago, and sold every one of them. They're great for making matching "shoes" for all those cute summer outfits. jewelry for your feet

how do you make them in macrame?