Picture of How to make free phone calls (US & Canada) using skype.
Free calls using skype and your home phone.

Step 1: Gather Stuff.

All you need is Skype and two phones, yours and whoever you are calling.

This is a fairly simple "trick", but commonly overlooked by people.

Skype: http://www.skype.com/download/skype/windows/helloagain.html

This can also be done using Skype and a microphone/speakers, but I didn't have a microphone.
JHONS15 months ago

Yes, its nice and I am used to keeping communication over Skype. There are other apps helpful to make over call to any country, Viber, Line, ringID, WhatsApp (specific area), Google Hangout etc.

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d1ndian4 years ago
Best way to make free PC to any landlines/cell phone calls is to use Googlevoice , it's inside gmail, and was for free until December 2010, however they extended the period free service and it's free for another year until December 2011. U can call anyone in North America (USA and CANADA Only) from Pc to landlines or cell phones. No ads, no wait , no time limit. Have fun
We still need skype credit to do this!! thanks though..
Only 2 problems with this method. #1. It's somewhat convoluted, and kinda hard to follow. Decent ible though. #2. For this to work, you need to have a paid skype account that allows you to call landlines for the low cost of around 3.99 a month; thusly, why would you need to use your home phone at all when you could simply cut it out of the equation and use your computer? The only way I see this being useful is if one lacks a microphone on their computer (though oddly enough you mentioned something about doing this with a microphone... you've essentially made an instructable on how to make a skype call) Though overall, a decently presented instructable. Bravo; but next time, make sure you explain a process a bit more, shall we say, novel.
fire (author)  EI Presidente6 years ago
Published: Nov 8, 2006 One of these days, I'll get around to adding that this doesn't work anymore to the start of this instructable. Until then, yes. I know. It doesn't work anymore It did, however, work great. Three years ago. When Skype was free.
Lolz yeah i noticed afterwards that it's a bit outdated. Ahh, when skype was free... those were the days...
javed4u6 years ago
i like skype specially i make it for someone special
d1ndian6 years ago
well guys..........for free calling in usa and canada i use voip stunt or freecall and adphone .....these are best for free calls ..............and also these works longer then skype .............10times ...better then skype ...........well download them make a account to login and then u r done.....have funnnnnnnn
With skype you only have to pay like, $3 a month in order to get unlimited calling, so THIS ROCKS!
is not free!!!
Tried it and it does not work anymore
royster8 years ago
Skype sucks.
iCall.comiCall.com give free call within Canada & the US and own you own extention for incoming call for free and a Voicemail for free.
Ya i tried this iCall service, I'd recommend it to anybody i know! great service, totally free. PS they also give u a call extension so people can call u on it! great service, check it out!!
theRIAA royster8 years ago
CowGuy8 years ago
The free us calls ended it was for 2006 only =(
VIRON8 years ago
Free Internet Phone is around since the 1990's.
How is Scype different? Why do people buy VoIP?

Where can I get a new aerial for my TV?

jammis8 years ago
this is great except for the fact that skype is only offering the free skype out to usa and canada untill the new year.
billcd8 years ago
hey, great observation! still that annoying lag! gosh i hate that!