How to Make Free Phone Calls (US & Canada) Using Skype.





Introduction: How to Make Free Phone Calls (US & Canada) Using Skype.

Free calls using skype and your home phone.

Step 1: Gather Stuff.

All you need is Skype and two phones, yours and whoever you are calling.

This is a fairly simple "trick", but commonly overlooked by people.


This can also be done using Skype and a microphone/speakers, but I didn't have a microphone.

Step 2: Set Up the Middle Man.

Time to set up the "Middle Man"

Click the "Add Contact" button, in the new window that pops up, hit the "Click to add SkypeOut contact".

In the first field, put "Home" or "My Phone" or whatever. In the second, put +1(your phone number).

Note: In the picture, instead of "Add Contact" I have "Add Homie". This can be done by following the instructions in:

Hit "Add Number".

Now, repeat the process, filling in the first box with the name of whoever you are calling and the second with their number (with +1 in front of it).

Step 3: Make the Call...

On the main screen, hit the "Conference" button.

In the new screen that comes up, select your phone, hit "Add >>", then select your friends phone and hit the same button. Hit the "Start" button.

Now, when your phone rings, answer it and turn the speakers down on your computer.

Congrats, you just made a free phone call using Skype as a middle man.

Step 4: Keep in Mind.

Some things you should keep in mine:

- If you don't turn your speakers down, you are going to get a loop of sound which will start to sound really bad.

- This will also mask your caller ID, making it appear as though you are calling from some odd number like 000-000-1234.

Have fun.



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    make free call Pc to mobile anywhare here

    make free call Pc to mobile anywhare here

    Best way to make free PC to any landlines/cell phone calls is to use Googlevoice , it's inside gmail, and was for free until December 2010, however they extended the period free service and it's free for another year until December 2011. U can call anyone in North America (USA and CANADA Only) from Pc to landlines or cell phones. No ads, no wait , no time limit. Have fun

    Google voice is now "Google Hangout" and has more bugs than an old sleeping bag.

    I must be missing something. Skype won't place my calls unless I pay $3 a month or about $2 per minute.

    Yes, its nice and I am used to keeping communication over Skype. There are other apps helpful to make over call to any country, Viber, Line, ringID, WhatsApp (specific area), Google Hangout etc.