This is for the advanced minecraft skin makers, even though i am not one i can show you what to do but cannot do them myself.
this is a tutorial to mjod everything, the items, the plants, the blocks and even the enemies.
 for a free pdf email me at jarodisawesome@gmail.com

Step 1: You Need Internet

well you obviously need internet to download a raw version of minecraft i found on the internet, it is a touch slower than the normal minecraft but you won't notice the difference.
PLUS, if you want to play on the net with the skinned version i'm afraid you will not be able to play it.
link to download minecraft raw version []http://www.mediafire.com/?nl06w7uymc98kat[]
So basically a texture pack???
yeah dude, this was back in alpha or beta when texture packs were yet to be implemented
<p>I'm it no work</p>
<p>hahaha I lied</p>
<p>it no work!!!</p><p>I saw one better</p>
<p> boring</p>
fyi one could use 7zip instead of winrar
not there any more <br>

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