This instructable will teach you how to make a ninja star using only a gatorade bottle and glue. These are fun to make when your bored at a swim meet or something.

Step 1: Materials needed

 gatorade bottle, bottle of glue
celtics are awesome!
i know right
i know right
i tried it N its tricky to fit them <br>but all in all nice :)) <br>
I will do this soon &gt;:D
really really really really really really good idea. and after i saw this posting i went to the closest store and bought a gatorade just to try this. I also cut myself with this
Thanks! you know you can spray paint them black an they look so cool
WHHHAAATTT?! I had kept it orange. If it were black it would have been so much cooler. WWWRRRAAAWWWWRRR!!
Yep, a little late there&acirc;€&brvbar;;)
Oh.. i hadn't added glue to the inside and it hurt just as much. P.S. I had cut both of my sisters
i used to make this stuff before hahhaha
friggen sweat
Thats a really cool idea
yo blackcat2 copied you!
thats not cool blackcat2
Link: http://www.instructables.com/id/The-Gatorade-Bottle-Cap-Death-Star/
yeah..Kinda already saw it
Did you do anything about it?
he apologized so were cool. Plus more people have seen mine than his
Yeah, 25000 some how?
i know right
i make coke ones btw its epic
cool i'll try
thats really cool but just a question: who has glue at a swim meet? :)
well the glue is optional but it adds weight
very easy
oh yeah!
i did
thanks, this is really cool

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