How to Make Glue





Introduction: How to Make Glue

Sometimes you need glue when there is no glue. And i will show you how to basicly make glue. And if you like it don't forget to vote and fav it. Let's begin!

Step 1: Materials

A spoon.



Step 2: Add Water to Your Spoon

Add water to your spoon. Don't add too much!

Step 3: Add Sugar to Your Spoon

Add sugar to your spoon. Don't add too much!

Step 4: Heat Your Spoon

Heat your spoon until sugar disappears.

Step 5: Finished!

Your sugar-glue is ready for test. And also it's delicious.

Step 6: Test It!

Test it and wait for freeze. And it's enough durable for your homeworks.
Thank you for reading.

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    so , the trick is to boil the sugar or not? because i thougt that this metod is for made the candy taht fits in the base of some desserts

    As i said this mixture is also delicious and can be used for desserts. But the point in this case is to not heat it too much because if you heat too much water evaporates and sugar becomes black.

    really nice! and thanks for sharing..but may be the spoon will get heated in time so can wrap a cloth around it to hold for longer one more item in the list of things...cloth!

    Actually you shouldn't heat it too much. If you heat it too much sugar becomes black.

    or maybe u kud use a spoon with a wooden handle