Step 3: Colour Selection

Picture of Colour Selection
This is obviously the most important step of the design process, and plays a very important role in whether you pattern works, or you just end up looking like an idiot.
This is especially true if you produce something with the effectiveness of the Universal Camouflage Pattern from a few years back. Since when did an assortment of greys blend into a green environment, or a dusty brown one?

You decide.

Criticism aside, here's the method I use for selecting colours-

-Find or take a picture of the environment you want to make a camouflage for. This could be a sandy environment like the beach or some desert, the woods outside you house and just about anywhere.
-Transfer the picture onto a computer and open it up on paint (assuming you are using PC)
-Click the re-size button and a pop up should appear
-Type in '1' in the 'Horizontal' and 'Vertical' boxes
-Click OK
-The picture should have turned really tiny
-Open up the re-size box again, but this time type '500' into the boxes, then click OK
-Repeat this step until you have the image size you want, for me I only do it twice in total

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